Best White Chest Of Drawers For Hotel Rooms


You’ve started renovating your hotel and on the look out for new bedroom furniture. Go for sleek designs and white chest of drawers to keep in  with the trends and fashions. 

It’s time to think about large cabinets and storage solutions making your customers feel at home but also providing convenience for there stay. 

We’ve come up with some ideas on how to get the look you want in your hotels. Create a sense of space with lighter colours and keep things contemporary. 

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Julian Bowen Clermont 3+2 Drawer Chest-Better Bed Company

Shop – Julian Bowen Clermont 3+2 Drawer Chest

Large Or Small?

It’s important to get the storage space right but you also don’t want to over power the room and effect area left for guests to feel comfortable and not claustrophobic. The key to this is colours and materials, add lighter shades to the room and if there’s windows style in a way that breaks the room up. 

For smaller bedrooms you could go for tall cabinets this will be effective for visitors clothing and smaller products that can be folded. Add a new wardrobe so there garments can be hung naturally. Bedside tables could be worked in  for underwear place next to the fabric beds for a charming effect. 

Julian Bowen Maine 6 Drawer Wide Chest Surf White-Better Bed Company

Shop – Julian Bowen Maine 6 Drawer Wide Chest Surf White

What Type Of Legs?

There’s different foundations to choose from, your going to want products that stand the test of time that’s for sure. Go with Scandi styled chest of drawers for looks or solid platforms designed to the ground for the long term. 

You should always think safe and attaching to walls with brackets is best practice. Think about white chest of drawers that have central legs and are made from strong materials like solid pine or MDF wood, these are robust and versatile. 

Steens Sandringham 4 + 6 Drawer Sideboard White-Better Bed Company

Shop – Steens Sandringham 4 + 6 Drawer Sideboard White

Tall or Deep chests?

Think about certain corners in the room would this place suite a tall chest of drawers for better effect than just a closed space? Deep chest of drawers could work well in larger bedrooms this would give even more storage space for luggage and bags. 

How many would be suitable? 

The amount would depend on the size of the bedroom. For large bedrooms you may get away with a couple of drawer chests supply them against walls and near corners. This type of buy could be used for the guests to place there coffee and tea while they get settled. If the rooms smaller then 1 chest could  suffice this one be the best suiter for a double bedroom as you will probably only have couples staying there. 

Adding more chests might take away the space for beds and wardrobes always measure or look on plan sheets before you buy. Bathrooms might not be the best place for chest of drawers as the wood could get damp and mould could be created, for best practice chest of drawers should be placed in main bedrooms.