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Better Bed Company And The Way We Work


We wanted to make our reader’s aware of the way we our site works and how to get the most out of your session with us. With a great deal of thought going into everything we do the website is no different. 

We start With the HOME PAGE

Phone numbers & help@betterbedcompany 

Person Using A Phone-Better Bed Company

we want our customers to feel safe using the site so we came up with the idea of adding easy access contact points. These are arranged all over the site but we thought it would be a good idea to add it to the first port of call. With a free number we handle the cost on all calls made. With emails it’s an easy way to get in touch with us and we take great pride in answering any queries with great speed. 

The Search Bar 

Male Searching With A Flash Light-Better Bed Company

we again want to make your journey as easy as possible so we designed the bar with the customer in mind. With the drop down boxes you can access a range of different collections at a touch of a button. Just scroll over example Beds and a list of collections will drop down. Just choose the type of bed you are looking for and this will guide you the correct page. 

If your looking for the a specific size of Mattress then we cater to all so the drop down box on that section gives you a few choices to choose from. Better Bed Company want to make it as easy as possible for our customers so you can all so just tap the heading section and the full list of the specific item will appear. 

There is also a part for all the brands we deal with. If your looking for a specific brand then again just scroll over the Brands and the drop down box will appear.

The new part of the site is The Store  we are working in the background on a new site and thought it would be a good idea to promote this. We have and will continue adding a few taster products to the better bed company giving the customer a few extra products to choose from. The new store will be opening early next year. 

The Values section was an idea we had about letting the customer know who we are and how we work. This is a great part of the site as it’s a way of connecting in a way in which we like on a ‘Personal Level’. 

Collection Lists In The Box’s 

We wanted to add images to the home page as much as posible as this makes the journey more interesting. Well if it’s just a lot of content it’s going to boring isn’t it ! 

Ash Fabric Bed-Better Bed Company

We will be changing the collection list’s on a regular basis as we want to keep it fresh and focus on a range of beds and mattresses

Beds Blogs 

This section of the site we take great pride in because it’s a way again of you getting to know us. We like talking about life style and think we could help our readers in more ways than one. We know how important a healthy life style is to gain healthy sleep and are working every day to try and get this message across. 

The blog is also a place we can get more information on our products to the end user. We make sure to add lot’s of images and descriptions in order to help the reader and give them options and maybe see products they might not have seen other wise. 

As we grow we know this will be the most important part of our site as it’s a way of getting messages across to the public and gain there trust as we build.

The collections And New Products 

we wanted to add new products to the home page and give the public some information on whats coming next with the Better Bed Company. We no it’s important to keep you up dated on anything new and thought the best place to do this was the home page. 

We wanted to get you into the site with ease, give you an insight into what you could find before you dive right in ! 

Brands Section 

We deal with a range of brands so it’s great for us to showcase these to the user and give them an insight before making any decision. With our knowledge of the beds and mattress industry we wanted to share our experience’s and make sure you get the right information.  

We pick 2 every month and write about them in our blogs. You can find all the information you would want on a huge amount of brands right here in the blogs section. 

Shop Instagram 

Instagram Logo-Better Bed Company

Social media is becoming more and more important these days we all want to get involved with brands and products. Better Bed Company find this a great way of connected with the public in general. We share lot’s of stories and images on the Instagram platform and deal with brand influencers to get our brand out there for every one to see. 

We have have a presence on all major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube to name a few. 

Useful Links 

We want to make our site as useful as possible so we made it easy for you to find pages that might be of help. It’s all about the little details and we know we can get you the right information in different circumstances. 

Our useful links pages include 


Mattress Buying Guide

We wanted to come up with a page that gives you all the information on what to look for when buying a new mattress. This page guides you with 3 decades of knowledge so its worth a read.

Bed Buying Guide

Another useful page for you to read. The Better Bed Company Bed buying guide will give you hints and tips on what to look for before making any purchase for a 5 minute read why not hey.

Size Guide

It’s a tricky subject to get your head around when the size change to metric from imperial. We came up with the size guide to make life easy for you guy’s. Everything you need to know from inches to cm we cover all basis.

Will Your Mattress or Bed Fit ? Check Your Property

From my experience it’s an important area you should think about before buying any mattresses or beds. Will it go up the stairs ? will it go around that corner ? these are questions you should be asking your self. We have developed this page with great detail to try and get the message across.


This page gives you an insight into what you can expect from the delivery part of better bed company. We offer free delivery as a standard and also have a selected products on a next day delivery. We pride our selves on offering the best service possible and the delivery to the customer is no different than any thing else in fact it’s a paramount part of the company. 

Price Check

Better Bed Company are very competitive and know in the day of the internet we have to get our prices right. We came up with the price check. This page is all about giving our customers the opportunity to deal with a company with more experience than others at the same price. 


With the importance of the recycling subject Better Bed Company want to do our part and we realise we all need to work together on this global issue. We work with other companies in order to recycle as much material as possible. So take advantage of this service we offer on selected beds and mattresses.


We want you to be happy with every purchase you make so we came up with the idea of giving you 14 days to make up your mind to see if you want the product or not.

Bed Assembly – Better Bed Company Assists You

We take great care in everything we do and the bed assembly is something we take great pride in. We know that some times going that extra mile for the customer can take the relationship to the next level. We are the type of company that want’s to help in every way possible and we offer this service on selected products.

Contact Us

if you need anything at all we are here to help. So we have a part on our website that gives you an email address to send any queries you may need answering. We aim to get back to any emails sent as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

Better Bed Company know how important your information is so we make sure we only deal with the most trusted web developers in the world Shopify other companies who use this platform include Gym Shark and kylie Cosmetics we know we can trust this company and pass that on to you.

Terms & Conditions

It’s a part of the website you should look at before you make your purchase. This gives you everything you need to know about our terms of service. We have taken the time to go into great detail on this and you should be clear on everything we do.