Black Friday Wardrobes


Black Friday is on the horizon and were going to be in the middle of it all! Don’t go all crazy with your shopping cart at the ready and buy the first wardrobe you see, think about all your options it’s not a race. 

Were here to help you decide and make the best decision for you and your family. We’ve rounded up all the latest treads and best deals in 2021 make the most of the shopping deals online. 

Good planning always go’s far don’t panic during the Cyber Monday get your house in order first. You may want to think forward do you really need that bedside table or upholstered bed frame just yet there’s always January round the corner. 

Shop the Black Friday Collection

White Wardrobes Black Friday   

Good news White Wardrobes have made an entrance into the Black Friday sale collection. Watch your Facebook walls go crazy and insta feeds top up with interior designers showing you stylish bedrooms this year can you make the grade, yes with Better Bed Company!

Steens Baroque White 2 Door Wardrobe-Better Bed Company

Black Friday 2 Door Wardrobes   

Get the Look in 2021! 2 Door Wardrobes have to be a feature in the home. Making things simple add a draw for more clothing space or go all out and buy a 3 door for larger bedrooms. Add some bedside tables and memory foam mattresses to partner your new fabric ottoman bed and dress it with new grey bedding for the complete finish. 

Julian Bowen Radley Wardrobe Pine Oak-Better Bed Company

Black Friday Grey Wardrobes

It’s all about your modern wants and needs. The grey wardrobes choice is for sure going to keep your house built for the future. Think about matching with oak chest of drawers, white desks and book cases get a fresh look in the bedroom at a low price on 26th November. 

GFW Kendal 2 Door 1 Drawer Wardrobe-Better Bed Company

Black Friday Wardrobes With Drawers 

The new approach to storage are wardrobes with drawers providing everything in one place for order. Make a statement with black and silver or go neutral with oak and grey think about other bedroom furniture before any Black Friday buy. Add some duvets and covers to dress the bed for style and comfort values. 

GFW Lancaster 3 Door 2 Drawer Wardrobe-Better Bed Company

Get Ready For Black Friday Now

Were here all week even though Black Friday drops on the 27th we’ve started the collection early. Check out the cheapest deals online for all your beds, mattresses and furniture today!