Your Budget Bedroom Furniture


When we purchase bedroom furniture we have to think about certain fixtures that fit into our budget. Is it the best idea to blow all of the money on the most important item ? We could take it in stages add to the bedroom as we go. It’s all personal choice and what makes the most sense at the time. 

Treat Your Self To A King Size Bed 

King Size Bed-Better Bed Company

What you get when you buy a king size bed. You have to think of the space in the bedroom first. Does it fit with the rest of the furniture. It would be a good idea to take measurements of the bedroom first before. Remember that a king size bed is 150cm in width that’s 5ft and 200cm in length that’s 6ft6.

King Size Mattress-Better Bed Company

Your money would go along way if you focused on the mattress. The mattress should cost at least half of the money if not more. But you still want a good base or bed frame for it. The foundation for a bed is crucial. 

Best Bed Side Tables

Bed Side Table-Better Bed Company

Bed side tables can be beneficial to any bedroom furniture set. It’s a place were we can keep our apparel and be a handy place for health creams or watches. You would want to check the height of them and make sure they are reachable from your bed. Also the depth is key especially if you have a divan bed with 4 draws. 

A small portion of your budget should be spent on a bed side table. It’s a purchase that you would want to get right. You would want one that lasts for sure. With this piece of furniture you would want them both to match as you will most likely want two. 

Getting The right Wardrobe

Wardrobe-Better Bed Company

The first thing that springs to mind is the space you would need. Most of your clothes and shoes will have to be placed inside. The style of the wardrobe could go against the grain with the rest if you wanted. With a wardrobe it’s not paramount that it’s the same as the rest. 

You could save on your budget if you got a 1 door or 2 door wardrobe. Maybe you could live without draws. The style you would want should be similar to the rest of the decore to keep it flowing. This is some were we could save as you could take a step up at a later date and add another 1 door next to the existing.

Chest Of Draws

Chest Of Draws-Better Bed Company

This is a place you would want to get the fundamental’s right. The more solid this item of furniture the better. This is a place that will get a lot of wear over the years. The draws will be used on a regular basis. 

A large chunk of the budget should go on the chest of draws. Its some were we could make a real statement. Just make sure that you check the item has enough space as there is no point in putting your budget into something that has little storage space.  

Take Care With Your Bedroom Furniture Budget

Piggy Bank-Better Bed Company

Better Bed Company know it’s about making sense when you come up with a budget for your bedroom furniture. You have to allow for the bills to payed as well. Make a plan and stick to it you could look at web sites that advise you on this. 


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