Maze Rattan Sofa Sets For Your Garden This Summer


Summer is just round the corner it’s time to think about your outdoor products. With a Maze Rattan Sofa Set you won’t be cheating your garden on style or comfort, there a must for a party or spending time with your family. You’ve started looking out side and wondering what might be best suited to your personal wants and needs in the house this year. 

Don’t fear we got you, check out some of the best rattan products or go fabric for that contemporary space you’ve always dreamed of, keep scrolling for more info. 

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Add character to the outside space with corner sofa sets from Maze Rattan this will provide the space for BBQ’s. Think about colours like flanelle and lead chine there all about modern behaviour and going to fit in well with a metal pergola. We’ve come up with a few options just for you check them out now. 


The maze rattan pulse sofa set is all about style and contemporary living. The metal and fabric combination means this sets for life with weather proof values and stain resistant qualities. Go for charcoal or think out side the box with taupe this shade would fit in well with other garden furniture now and in the future. 

Add some scatter pillows to bring even more style to the out door space or a bench set for patio areas. Team with fabric daybeds and corner fire pit sets to keep the party going in to the night. 

Maze Rattan Pulse Sofa Set-Better Bed Company

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Style your garden with the Maze Rattan Eve Corner Sofa Group for extreme quality and outstanding comfort. This is going to influence the rest of the home get that decking space packed with hanging chairs pair with sunlounger sets and a round lifestyle suits for when social times come on the horizon. 

Look out for rising table summer daybeds and choose storage boxes for all your pillows and accessories. It’s all about making the house workable and stylish this year. 

Maze Rattan Eve Corner Sofa Group-Better Bed Company

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Say hello to the Maze Rattan Ethos Large Corner Sofa Group this is about being big and bold if you have the space look further. Low designs are about relaxing and keep things chilled just what you want on hot day. 

Pair with the Maze Rattan Ambition 8 Seat Oval Dining Set and Maze Rattan Oxford 3 Piece Lounge Set for Saturday afternoon tea time or Maze Rattan Ascot Round Sofa Dining Set With Rising Table for day time goals with friends and a bottle of wine while your having a gossip. 

Maze Rattan Ethos Large Corner Sofa Group-Better Bed Company

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Questions And Answers Maze Rattan Sofa Sets 

Are Maze Rattan Sofa Sets weather proof? 

Maze Rattan use quality materials like La Vita High Performance Fabric and quick dry foam which is perfect for garden furniture. This makes there sets weather proof and shower proof. The La Vita High Performance Fabric is also good for stains being a resistant material. Also with the La Vita High Performance Fabric the colour permeates to the very core of the fabric fibres; thereby creating a rich, fade resistant colour which keeps the set looking great for the long term. 

We would always recommend bringing cushions inside while the sets not in use or in a storage box this keeps them out of the bad weather. The Aluminium used on maze rattan is all powder coated which gives better weather resistance and helps fight against rust. They use Polyethylene (PE) Rattan for the sets which has weatherproof qualities and is very resistant to rain, snow, frost and UV rays. 

Can you change the corner on Maze Rattan Sofa Corner Sets?

Some of the maze rattan corner sofa sets have interchangeable designs this is great if you want to change the position in the future. This allows the user to choose which side is longer or shorter perfect for patio areas. See the Maze Rattan Oxford Large Corner Sofa With Fire Pit this set is perfect for when you have a specific area measurement. There’s also the Maze Rattan Manhattan Reclining Corner Dining Set With Fire Pit Table this is also interchangeable brilliant for different situations, there’s also lot’s more that can do this in the range. 

Always measure the space before you buy and take into account the patio dimensions or decking area. We always here to help 

Are Maze Rattan Grey Sofa Sets any good? 

Yes Maze Rattan have lot’s of grey sofa sets in the collection. They also have flanelle maze rattan sofa sets this colours very similar to grey. There usually with a black aluminium frame which works well together for style reasons. Grey is modern so you would want to style with other contemporary shades like white and taupe. You can buy scatter cushions which bring even more colours to the space and add parasols this could make a real difference to the style and also give you a place to stay cool in the sun or undercover during showers.