Make the most of your space with these handy bedroom layout ideas for your home!


An essential part of creating a space to be proud of is all in the planning. This can have a major effect on the efficiency and flow of the room meaning your space is both functional and beautiful. Depending on what the room is destined to be used for, it is possible to create a practical and stylish space by considering different elements. Check out our tips for bedroom layout ideas below:

  • Make Your Bed the Focus of the Room

Whether it’s a living room or a bedroom, the best thing to do is to create a feature, colour, fabric or piece of furniture which the whole room centres on and makes a focal point for the space. When thinking about a bedroom, high importance can be placed on making the bed the focus and so it is important to think about its positioning. The most typical bedroom layout has the headboard facing you as you enter the room and it can add a sense of balance. Its very important to ensure it does not block any natural light.

Another important thing to consider with the bed is the size. Too big and the room becomes less functional as it lessens the amount of walking room and potential storage space. Too small and you may be uncomfortable, leading you to poor sleep and not really getting the best use out of your bedroom. Most people go for a double (4ft6) or king size (5ft) bed. Those blessed with a large space may go for a super king (6ft) but it is important to maintain that balance.

  • Make the Most of the Features

Depending on the style of your home, you may want to make a feature of something in your bedroom. If your window shows the most spectacular city or countryside views, don’t fill your window-sill with trinkets and clutter and let the natural light pour in. If you have a fireplace, restoring it and working your furniture around it can create that balance and turn it into a beautiful addition to the room. It’s important to play to the rooms strengths which will really turn it into a beautiful bedroom space.

  • Consider your Use of colour

When you think about how to design a bedroom and its layout, inspiration can come from anywhere. This may be a particular patch colour or wallpaper or fabric you’re planning to use. The different colours can create different moods and can, in turn, bring better and healthier sleep.

Warm earthy tones can create a cocooning feel and make it comfortable and soothing. Pastel shades can be mixed and matched and can bring colour into the room without being too dominating. Alternatively, bringing a strong accent colour like an orange or teal can add a quirky twist without being over-powering or harsh.

One thing interior designers recommend when you are picking your colour that it is important to test the swatch on different walls and look at it at different times in the day. Depending on the way light comes into your room may change your colour preferences.

  • Let’s Talk About Storage

Better Bed Company - Kaydian Accent Marbella Grey Ottoman Bed Frame

Now you’ve considered your beds positioning and the colours of your dream bedroom, it’s time to think about how we can turn this into a functional room. The average person owns an average of 148 pieces of clothing and shoes and it’s important to ensure everything has a place. Wardrobes, cabinets, and bedside tables can hide a lot of these away but may take up quite a lot of room which can eat into the floor plan in your room.

A fantastic way to store items such as clothing or bedding could be by making your next bed an ottoman bed which has plenty of underbed storage to keep all your bits and bobs hidden away. There is also the option of having a bed with storage drawers which provides easy access to your belongings without having to lift the mattress.

Ottoman beds are available in a huge range of fabrics, styles and colours and can suit any existing furniture you already have. Better Bed Company have a huge range of ottoman beds so regardless of if you have a big or small bedroom or a colourful or muted scheme, they can help you find the storage bed of your dreams!

  • Creative Ways to Add Functionality.

Better Bed Company - Teknik Hampstead Park Wall Desk

Planning your bedroom to have multiuse can be tricky in smaller rooms so it’s a great idea to have furniture and spaces which can be easily used for different functions. For example, if you would like storage space but also would like to make a feature of a large bay window, consider a window seat which has build in storage. If you are one of the thousands still working from home, you may need to create space in your bedroom for a desk. This could be one which folds away or has hidden storage. It’s important to remember is to ensure that the furniture still flows with the feel of the room and isn’t just an ugly addition out of a necessity.

  • Make the Space Your Own

Don’t forget, this room is yours to love and enjoy. So, after the stress of collecting colour swatches and endless scrolling through inspiration pages, add the details which make you smile such as photographs of loved ones, table lamps, and beloved artwork and trinkets from precious memories.

Consider adding plants and flowers to your room- not only do they brighten up the room but they also purify the air and help you to sleep better!