Rectangular Garden Corner Sofa Dining Sets For A Modern Out Door Space


So the whether has finally landed with the sunshine coming out now it’s time to turn to your next garden furniture buy. There’s no better than a rectangular corner dining sofa set for making the most of the summer with family and friends. You’ve probably been browsing all over google from Facebook to Instagram for ideas but it’s important to get the advice from professionals. If you’ve never bought out door decor then look at the rattan and fabric options first there modern and hard wearing. 

Colours can make or break your style with greys, browns, charcoal and light lead chine shades working well outside. Make sure you look at brands like Maze Rattan and signature weave there ideal for corner dining sets with rising tables and ice buckets, sofa and daybeds with loads of designs on offer. Need some more tips there coming right up for a modern looking garden just for you. 

Maze Rattan Pulse Rectangular Corner Dining Set With Fire Pit-Better Bed Company

Rectangular Fabric Garden Sofa Dining Sets 

Fabric seems to be the way forward with everyone turning to this style. With a stylish fabric rectangular sofa dining set in the garden you can’t go far wrong. With water proof advantages and colours letting you add your stamp on the area. They go with comfortable benches and stools, fire pits and rising tables for food and drinks. Make sure you buy the right colour for future buy’s as there an investment. 

Maze Rattan Santorini Rectangular Corner Dining Set With Rising Table-Better Bed Company

Rectangular Rattan Sofa Dining Sets 

Add a rectangular rattan sofa dining set to the list make sure to think size as you don’t want to go too big or small just right. You can always add a sunlounger set or a few rattan chairs too bulk the patio or decking area out when needed. Think about when it’s raining you should make a point of buying a whether cover keeping your new garden furniture protected should be a priority. There’s parasols that could be brought out when there’s showers and side tables to keep the drinks flowing when your mates are round the house. 

Maze Rattan Pulse Rectangular Corner Dining Set with Rising Table Corner Sofa set Flanelle-Better Bed Company

Come back soon to Better Bed Company specialists in home furniture. We have plenty in store for you this summer keeping your out door space trendy as well as your bedroom !