Maze Rattan Cotswold Furniture Range For Natural Styles In The Garden


Invest in the Maze Rattan Cotswold Furniture Range for natural styles in the garden this summer. Say hello to daybeds and corner dining sets with sofas and reclining loungers providing everything you need for a modern themed out door space. Discover fire pits and rising tables for every circumstance when guests and family members are visiting during the summer months. 

The only rattan furniture that’s going to fill you confidence that you’ve made the right choice for the house again. Ditch the flanelle and taupe colours, the 3 x 3 pergola and metal and fabric and go for the neutral weave effect in the home this year. Keep scrolling for a Q + A, round Lazy Suzan and planters to gain extra atmosphere in the yard this spring. 

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If your searching for that new patio buy opt for the Maze Rattan Cotswold Daybed this will provide style with a certain comfort. Opt for rising tables and large fire pits for the evening. If you wanna keep the party going opt for pergolas and grey parasols with stools and benches for friends. 

Maze Rattan Cotswold Daybed-Better Bed Company

Shop – Maze Rattan Cotswold Daybed


If you have guest round then it’s an excuse to pull out the Maze Rattan Cotswold 3 Seat Sofa Dining With Rising Table And Foot Stools ideal for style and perfect for a party. If your on the hunt for day time chills add a reclining lounger set and a chair to create the mood. 

Maze Rattan Cotswold 3 Seat Sofa Dining With Rising Table And Foot Stools-Better Bed Company

Shop – Maze Rattan Cotswold 3 Seat Sofa Dining With Rising Table And Foot Stools


Opt for the Maze Rattan Cotswold Reclining 2 Seat Lounge Set if your searching for lazy afternoons in the sun. Add an ice bucket for drinks and glass top tables for lunch times team with scatter pillows and cushions for a stylish effect. 

Maze Rattan Cotswold Reclining 2 Seat Lounge Set-Better Bed Company

Shop – Maze Rattan Cotswold Reclining 2 Seat Lounge Set

Questions And Answers on the Maze Rattan Cotswold Furniture Collection

Does the maze rattan cotswold garden furniture last outside?

Yes the maze rattan cotswold range has half round weave that’s stronger than the flat weave that’s found on other garden furniture that’s not as quality. The foam core and 100% polyester fabric cushions are ideal for weather proofing the set there also stain resistant for any spills and accidents. The aluminium powder coated frame underneath the rattan is rust resistant perfect for the long term. With this caramel stone colour sometimes the shade will suffer due to the sun and weather conditions but Maze Rattan only provide quality so this is less likely to happen. 

Is it OK for the maze rattan cotswold furniture to get wet?

Like with most furniture product weather can have a negative effect over time. We would always recommend buying a cover for summer and winter seasons. The cotswold cushions are shower proof with this material the threads themselves won’t absorb water like organic threads (cotton and wool), water will pass through the gaps between the threads, making the material not waterproof. You have the Polyurethane Foam underneath that is water proof for the short answer. The aluminium powder coated frame is again water proof and rust resistant. We would bring the cushions inside if the set is not in use. 

Why is there a shortage of rattan garden furniture?

There is shortage this is down to lack of materials and social distancing in factories in different countries. Everyone is spending more time in the house over the past couple of years so the demand is greater. Container prices have shot up in the last year or so, this is leaving suppliers in a difficult position pay the price or wait for it to lower. There really is so many reasons why this is happening.