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Top tips for storage in your child’s bedroom


Giving your kids the freedom of their own bedroom is one of the joys of parenthood.

The only downside? Sometimes, they can be messy little things! That’s where Better Bed Company’s children’s beds with storage come into play!

An excellent opportunity to teach them good habits for keeping their bedroom tidy is by incorporating child-friendly storage into their bedrooms.

In our latest Better Bed Company blog, we’ll discuss ways to do this and showcase the numerous products we offer!

Make storage fun and multi-functional!

The most significant way to make a seemingly dull chore enticing to your children is to make it fun!

What better way to do that than with multi-functional storage! Not only a practical solution for keeping a tidy bedroom but an interactive and engaging way to get your little ones to put their toys away in any fashion they like!

Both high sleeper and mid sleeper beds from Better Bed Company are the perfect products to offer a comfy bed and child-friendly storage.

Here are some of our favourite picks from our children’s beds collection:

Available in a baby blue or a hot pink colour, this cabin bed mid-sleeper comes with drawer space and a sweet little desk space that has open storage space.

Slightly larger than the Julian Bowen offering above, this Flintshire Furniture ‘Billie’ Mid Sleeper is numerous drawer spaces both at the end and underneath the bunk, with plenty of room to store your children’s toys and treasures!

A fantastic option for slightly older children, this Pegasus High Sleeper even comes with an almost secret compartment-like wardrobe space. With desk space, storage space and several custom options available, this bed is a great all-rounder.

Sleek and stylish but with plenty of storage, this high sleeper is a good option for customers looking to save space in a small bedroom.

Storage options are even included in the steps, so there are plenty of adventures in letting your children pick where they would like to put their prized possessions!

Colour it in…

Maybe not something you’ve considered, but colour has a big part to play in a children’s bedroom and overall wellbeing.

Bright colours encourage happiness and excitement, whereas neutral colours encourage calm and relaxation.

When choosing your next storage pieces, make sure to have the presence of colour in your mind!

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