Steens Furniture Helpful Illustrated Guide To The Firm


Steens Furniture 

If your looking for Furniture for your new bedroom then the Steens brand should be a company you should look at. They have a massive selection at a cheap price for UK consumers that look great. With all items you buy online you want quality and this is something that Steens Furniture bring with them. They understand what people want and that’s choice. The collection is packed with bed side tables, chest of draws and a large selection of wardrobes. 

Cheap Steens Furniture 

Steens Cheapest Furniture   Price
Steens Richmond Cream And Pine 3 Draw Bed Side Table £39.99
Steens Richmond Cream And Pine 1 Draw 1 Door Bed Side Table £48.99
Steens Richmond 3 Draw White Bed Side Table £48.99
Steens Baroque White Nightstand £49.99


They do this with great ease because of the company structure. The Danish firm has a large plant in Denmark with a huge amount of furniture being made every day over 4000 pieces ! They then have a UK plant that keeps stock of the most sold items being able to give a faster delivery on these. This makes then more keen on price it’s the way they run there company that makes them one of the leaders in today’s cheap furniture sector. 

Cheap Steens Bed Side Tables 


Better Bed Company thought we would look at the Bed Side Tables in this edition given they are a good seller in the UK. With different colours, sizes, materials and lots more they give the consumer options. Making there designs suit most existing bedroom furniture. You could also add there bed side tables as well as another item from a certain range. This would bring value as this could be a start of new full bedroom furniture set from the brand. 

If it’s Oak Bed Side Tables that your looking for they have a two tone that could be right up your street. This would give a contemporary and modern look to the bedroom. Well constructed with a few different storage options. This could be a winner if your looking for draws and doors on a bed side table.

Delivery Of The Steens Furniture

Steens Bed Side Table-Better Bed Company

We touched on this earlier in the blog. Understanding you can get there furniture fast or at the very latest 2 weeks is useful to know. There is no waiting about for items to be out of stock for months on end. They just put the order in to the Danish plant if it’s not already in the UK and then import over to Britain with in 2 weeks ! 

Steens Furniture Factory

Check out the Steens Bedroom Furniture The Cheap Wardrobe But A Quality Online Buy In The UK if your interested in more information on the brand.