Make Your Bedroom Fashionable


The most fashionable bedroom furniture is cool and fresh also suitable for the job at hand. The colours can bring textures with tones and be undeniably modern for a contemporary fit. 

Opt for a black fabric TV Beds with the accessories bringing even more to the table or go far left with a velvet greet scroll top bedstead for size. The headboards could make a real impact in terms of fashion statements with straight lines and buttons having the most effect. 

Whether your going for sleek white or anthracite grey the colour scheme is going to be key. By opting with draws and doors your allowing more details to shine through or you could be a minimalist this could also work more isn’t always better. 

Grey Bedroom Furniture 

Whether it be velvet or wooden with grey bedroom furniture your playing it safe when it comes to fashion. I mean think about those social media platforms like Instagram and facebook with designers using grey sets to show off there walls. Go with dark or light colours maybe depending on a small or large bedroom. 

Grey Bedroom Furniture Collection-Better Bed Company

Super King Size Ottoman Beds 

This is ideal in terms of a fashion statement if you have the space opt for a super king size bed for obvious reasons. With Brands like Julian Bowen and Kaydian Beds being market leaders they should be present in your home. Add a TV or Plasma to the buy to make it even more trendy. 

Ottoman TV Bed-Better Bed Company

Pine Bedroom Furniture For A Modern Theme

Whether your going to go for a full wooden look or just add cabinet there’s plenty of room for a pine bedroom furniture piece in any fashionable bedroom. Add some more colours with a yellow rug and matching recliner and stool for those chill moments. 

Pine Bedroom Cabinet-Better Bed Company

Anthracite For Children’s bedrooms 

There’s going to be no cooler kid on the block when your going to be filling your child’s bedroom with Anthracite bedroom furniture. Whether it be for a high sleeper or that 2 + 4 chest of drawers the shades fashionable. Don’t forget about comfort with a single memory foam the beds going too look the part and feel great. 

Julian Bowen Domino Anthracite-Better Bed Company

Were always here to help with content that’s designed and driven just for you. Check back soon to Better Bed Company for more fashion advice for your bedroom and home.