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After a year of being indoors it’s a natural step to think the future is bring most people working from home. It’s time to get office chairs and desks as you can get a head start and be organised. If your looking for a way to add some variety to that spare bedroom so you can bring work to the house we have you covered. From book cases to office storage Better Bed Company have it all. 

With colours like black and white for neutral matches to tones and textures we have oak and pine furniture. Everyone needs office furniture from influencers on Instagram and Tik-Tok to Police officers jump on the trend with them. Discover tables, chairs and sofa beds to create a space that’s inviting and stylish you may as well make this area homely. 

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Alphason Office Chairs 

  1. Alphason Atlanta Mesh Back Operator Chair – This black office chair has all the comfort your going to need while working. Featuring a mesh back this is ideal for ventilation and also contours to the body shape supporting you while moving. The metal structure on the base adds longevity values to the chair this means this buy’s for the future and today. There’s an adjustable mechanism helping you move up or down to the desired height. This is going to help if you change your desk or use in other rooms in the home. 
  2. Alphason Dakota Mesh Back Operator Chair – Featuring a lumber support this chairs going to bring support and comfort while you work. The arm adjustments add another quality that you won’t get with other models on the market. The fabric seat has generous padding this is perfect for when your putting the hours in. With the castors moving around the room is easy whether you have wooden floors or carpets to contend with. 
  3. Alphason Davis Mesh Back Operator Chair – This operating chair has all the comfort and support your ever going to need for the office. Coming in a black colour for a neutral vibe. The mesh back contours to the body and will relieve stress. Move to different heights with the adjustable  mechanism adding benefits with it’s existence. 

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