The January Furniture Show And The Better Bed Company


The biggest furniture show of the year was a triumph. The Better Bed Company would like to thank everyone who took part to make it a ground breaking experience. 

We will be adding lot’s of brand’s to are growing selection over the next few weeks. With the best brand selection in the UK on show we had talks with all of them. The suppliers have told us that they want to work closely with us and bring the best possible service to all our customers. 

We want to add to our bed’s range as well as the bedroom furniture that was the main goal for us and we achieved this. The brands said that they wanted to work with us and share our ideas and vision for the coming years. 

We had talks about the Toddler range of mattresses we have just launched and children’s beds come under the same umbrella. We will be adding Kids Avenue and Little Folks very soon. 

As for Mattresses we saw them all with hundreds on show. These include memory foam mattresses, Latex and natural mattresses. We will be looking at bringing the best brands including Breasley, Mlily, Visco Therapy and more.

We also had good discussions with some divan bed suppliers and headboards specialist companies. We will be looking at adding Sweet Dreams Beds, Vogue Beds just a couple of major brands i am sure you will be interested in. 

Also Bed frames and ottomans were on the agenda for us as these are very important products for us. We will be dealing with Hyder Beds and Hyder Living. We will also carry on with new ranges including Kaydian Beds that look fantastic with the new range coming soon to Better Bed Company. 

We spoke to Kingstown Furniture and core products about the bedroom furniture wait until you see what we have to offer coming soon !

The pillows and mattresses protectors will have new brands and ranges too. This was a topic that we discussed with a couple of brands with mattress guard coming to the site very soon.

Better Bed Company will be visiting the Manchester Furniture Show 14th to 16th of July of this year. Again building relationships with Brands to move forward in 2019  

We have an update for readers if you were interested in this post we will be another similar to this on the July 2019 Furniture Show in Manchester at the end of this month (June)

Manchester Furniture Show

You can still see there website for now just visit 

Manchester Furniture Show July 14th – 16th 2019