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Announcing Better Bed Company’s Affiliate Program!


Do you have a passion for all things home interior and shout about your love of home, interior design and decoration across your social media platforms?

If this sounds like you, Better Bed Company wants to hear from you! 

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of our Better Bed Company Affiliate Program, rewarding your promotion of our product ranges with exclusive discounts and commissions!

We’ll provide you with an affiliate link that monitors every time a sale is made through the site, via your social profiles or influencer website.

At the end of each calendar month, we will commission each sale made through your link.

The commission terms are as follows:

50% of products from our dedicated Influencer Collection;

– 5% of any collection product available to purchase from the Better Bed Company website.

We will provide you with updates on any promotions we are currently running and are on hand to collaborate or provide answers to any questions or guidance you may need on our products.

To learn more about the Better Bed Company Affiliate Program, visit our sister site BetterHub, and click on the following link here.

Our roots as Better Bed Company go as far back as two decades, when our Founder and Managing Director, Lee Murray, was a mere ten years old. 

Lee’s upbringing revolved around a bed shop, as his grandparents and later his father owned a renowned bed and furniture store. 

In an era before the dominance of digital technology, our family business catered to the residents of Cheshire, providing them with essential beds and mattresses. 

We have always, always prioritised offering customer service over overpricing good, honest local people, and that’s how it will always be!

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