National Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias


This is the time to speak up on Bias inside the work place and out and against those who are opposed to it. International Women’s day is on the 8 March 2022 this year this day is to reflect on the celebration of women’s power globally.


In the 20th Century was the start of women being able to Vote, this started in New Zealand and the US. There were smaller versions of the day celebrated around the world before national women’s day existed. Back in February 1909 in New York America a Socialist Party organised a day called national women’s day. It was in Russia were the first  annual Women’s day, this was when woman gained the authority to Vote. In 1977 by global feminist movements made this a global holiday.

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This years theme is break the bias this is to bring the world in to a gender equal place. There’s events being held to promote and inspire women to start there own Business online and off. Women like Catherine Dixon LLB Hons, MBA, Solicitor, UK, Jane Gunn, FCIArb, UK and Catherine Green, FCIArb, New Zealand voice there personal experiences and on how we can all help and become allies to women all over the world.

National Women's Day-Better Bed Company

Get Involved

It couldn’t be easier this year to get involved, go on socials and share content to friends and family.

Educate your self reading articles like this one. There lot’s of websites out there with helpful advice on Women’s international day like:

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Still Supporting 

Sadly there’s still urgent need for women to have fully gender equality. With pay gaps still there, political leaders lacking, falling behind in education and and health care and also violence against women globally. Stat’s show that women equality was set back by 25 years due to the pandemic – UNWOMEN due to women doing unpaid work during this time. There was also more abuse and not just on women but on Children during the weeks of lock downs in the UK alone.

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National Women’s day is a national holiday in some countries like Afghanistan, Belarus, Vietnam, China and Cuba to name a few. There’s concerts in America, an annual breakfast in Nigeria and lot’s of other activities hosted all over the world.

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Here at Better Bed Company we want to do are part. Every day were going to be sharing about special women on our social media channels with quotes for everyone. We have also set up a give away on Facebook and Instagram this could be a time to take your girl friend out for drinks and catch up. If we talk about the problem it’s going to be halved immediately. If your struggling with any thing or need some help on all types of issues you can contact