Black Friday Sales History


Black Friday started in Philadelphia when the day after Thanks Giving came and the police used the term to associate the traffic and pedestrian build up that would occur. 

Now stores all over the world use this phrase for the Sale Holiday term as a promotional term. There’s also Cyber Monday which followed this to encourage consumers to buy online. 

Black Friday has been the busiest day in the American shopping season from 2005. Some stores open there doors on Midnight of the Thursday due to hordes of shoppers waiting out side. 

Black Friday is also the start of the Christmas shopping season this being the day after Thanks Giving in America. In 1930 America had stores who wanted to start the shopping season earlier than usual. The Thanks Giving day changed  to the 3rd Thursday of November by President Franklin D. Roosevelt this was called Franksgiving at the time. 

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is November 26th in the UK this year. Followed by Cyber Monday on November 29th. This is the day that your going to receive the best deals at the cheapest prices. 

How long does Black Friday last for?

This should be a one off day but retailers in recent years have extended the sale a few day either side of the last Friday in November. 

How much of a discount do you get on Black Friday?

With some stores giving a 30% discount on selected products and even 50% this is a major day for all industries. In some sectors Black Friday can make up to 20% of there annual turn over, it really is a critical day in some industries. 

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