Black Friday

Black Friday Divan Beds


This day of the year is so important for the world shopper getting the best deals is easily done online. Check out some of Divan Beds to add a stylish feature in the bedroom. Styling your bedroom is all about neutral colours and inviting textures with this type of bed base add your personality and a certain vibe to the home. If your stuck for storage space then your provided with drawer options this would be the ideal place for all your spare pillows and duvets close by for easy access we can’t say fairer than that. 

Finding the balance between comfortable and supportive can be difficult, so why not choose a memory foam mattress to partner the upholstery bed base? We’ve added some new beds in the Divan collection just for you and your family this Black Friday. 

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Black Friday Light Grey Divan Beds 

Opt for a light grey divan bed this Black Friday adding a modern theme to the bedroom. Go for upholstery fabric this is more of a contemporary material and is effortless to maintain. Team up with a double memory foam mattress this partners going to provide the comfort with a contouring nature. Add some white bedside tables and an oak 2 + 4 wardrobe this type of bedroom furniture works well for storage and also style. 

Light Grey Divan Bed-Better Bed Company

Black Friday Double Divan Beds 

When it comes to divan beds size is important buying a double would be suitable for most master bedrooms. Due to multiple sleepers we would suggest pocket spring mattresses providing independent sleeping surfaces. opt for a pink or blue depending on gender, add some book cases to the space with shelving for extra storage. 

Double Divan Bed-Better Bed Company

Black Friday Divan Beds With Storage Drawers 

Whether you have a small or large house there’s always advantages to buying Divan Beds with storage drawers this would make your home more practical. Ditch the ottoman bedstead for a 4 draw base. If your looking for extra style go for chunky oak sideboards and light grey dressing tables to complete the bedroom. 

Divan Bed With Storage Drawers-Better Bed Company

Add some style and comfort to your bedroom this Black Friday with so many choices available online. Browse our divan beds collection – HERE

There’s no better way to bring storage to the bedroom than with a base making the most use of space creating more area for extra furniture.