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How to Celebrate Sleepover Day with Better Bed Company

Sleepovers are more than staying up late and watching movies; they are a rite of passage and an opportunity to strengthen bonds with friends and family. They provide a relaxed environment where guests can unwind and truly be themselves. If you’re aiming to host the ultimate Sleepover Day celebration, you’ve come to the right place!…


How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep During Fireworks

Bonfire Night is a popular UK tradition celebrated every year on November 5th. It is a beautiful and exciting night filled with fireworks displays, bonfires, and delicious food. However, for some people, the loud noises and bright flashes can be disturbing, especially when they are trying to get a good night’s sleep. In this blog,…


Visco therapy Mattresses For The Best Sleep

If you spend a lot of time in the bedroom it’s important to buy quality bed accessories. Buying from a good brand such as Visco Therapy you know your mattresses are going to provide the tools for a good nights sleep.  Consider there memory foam mattress for a partner for your ottoman bed or wooden…


Use Better Beds Company for your next Bedmaster Bed!

Better Bed Company partners with Bedmaster to give our customers a wide range of mattresses and beds. Bedmaster Beds are the master of all beds and are known as a leading manufacturer in the bed industry. Our collaboration provides the ultimate solution for your sleep and storage needs. Brilliant Bedmaster Beds! Bedmaster beds are setting…


Top Five Benefits to Sleeping More

People often sleep upon sleep to watch one last episode of their favourite TV show on Netflix. However, sleep is one of the main benefits to overall mental and physical health. We often argue that we should get more sleep, yet we are still making that morning cup of coffee to get us awake for…

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