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Upgrade your Storage with Small Double Ottoman Beds

As homeowners, we understand the never-ending quest to find the perfect small double ottoman bed. It’s a familiar challenge—trying to fit a growing collection of belongings into the finite square footage of your living space. The solution? Embrace the versatility and hidden potential of small double ottoman beds. These bed frames are much more than…


Maximise Your Bedroom with Small Double Beds

Are you tired of feeling cramped in your bedroom? Do you wish you had more space but don’t want to sacrifice your bed size? Look no further than a small double bed from Better Bed Company! Small double beds are the perfect solution for those who want to maximise their bedroom space without sacrificing comfort….


What Bed Sizes are Best for A Master Bedroom?

Are you unsure which bed sizes may be best for your master bedroom?  You may have just moved home or are just looking to update your current master bedroom layout. Here at Better Bed Company, we’re well-equipped to provide you with the best advice in the business! Once you’ve found the bed size for you,…


How to maximise space with small double beds

Small double beds are an excellent choice for those looking to maximise their available space. Not only are they significantly smaller than a standard double bed, but they can also offer innovative storage solutions. Here are some tips from Better Bed Company on how to use small double beds to make the most of your…

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