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Guest Beds For A Modern Bedroom

There’s nothing quite like offering a quality night sleep to visitors, supplying the best guest bed to friends would mean you care.  With personal preference important with any furnishings buy we understand the style and performance has to stand up to standards.  Better Bed Company have some styles that might work well for your house.  Here’s…


Ways To Make Space For Guest In The bedroom

It’s near the season your going to have friends and family over for the weekend or night. Give your bedroom a head start and get prepared for the holiday season creating space for those loved ones. Adding storage ottoman beds to the home bring advantages in terms of style and space saving qualities for when the…


Best Colours For Guest Bedrooms

Searching for new colour schemes for you bedroom can be daunting. Remember to think about what sort of theme your searching for in the space and who are the main users in the space. If you have older family members then think traditional if the rooms going to be used by your childrens friends go modern….


Guest beds For Small Spare Bedrooms

If your not too sure on what to do with that small bedroom yet then think guest beds for away of saving space in the home. There a trending buy at the moment due to people staying closer to home and needing extra room in the house.  There simple to style and versatile, they make…


Best Mattresses For Guest Beds

You’ve just bought your new guest bed remember this needs a couple of partners. We’ve come up with the best mattresses that would provide that support and comfort your friends want for the night cap. Memory foam mattresses have to be entertained for a contouring healthy sleeping surface. May we suggest a natural filled roll…


The Best Wooden Guest Beds

Be the best host with a quality guest bed your homes going to be inviting. Providing the best sleeping surface isn’t just about comfort, you also need to think about the furniture. See our hints and tips today in our online blog

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