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Tips For When Buying Double Divan Beds

Being prepared should be a priority when buying any furnishing in the home, double divan beds are no different.  Better Bed Company have selecting some points to consider before making the purchase of the 4ft6 bed frame for best practice.  Many of us look at style to be the most important fact when it comes…

divan beds

Divan Beds With Drawers For Storage

Your bedroom should be workable. Opt to de-clutter the room with storage solutions for practical advantages. Offer a divan bed with drawers and change the way you store your accessories. Present an inviting theme to the space with different design for modern or traditional themes.  Better Bed Company have some styles to consider when it…


Divan Beds With Size Offerings For Advantages

Buying divan beds for the home would be an advantage if done correctly. Choose the right dimensions for your home and bedroom. With divan beds offering storage your also making space in the bedroom and home. We’ve come up with some ideas on divan bed sizes that could make your bedroom better.  1 Single Divan…

Black Friday

Black Friday Divan Beds

This day of the year is so important for the world shopper getting the best deals is easily done online. Check out some of Divan Beds to add a stylish feature in the bedroom. Styling your bedroom is all about neutral colours and inviting textures with this type of bed base add your personality and…


The Right Style of Bed For You ?

When you decide to change your bed for what ever reason there are so many options out there today. This should be an exciting purchase for anyone and by no means over looked. The choices are endless, maybe a Divan Bed, maybe a Bed frame or an ottoman Storage Bed.

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