Visco Therapy Mattresses Your The Bed Frame


Are you thinking about buying new furniture for the bedroom? Perhaps choosing an excellent brand like Visco Therapy Mattresses for you bed frame could be a good idea. 

We have some styles to consider for best practice in your home check them out now:

Memory foam

There’s nothing quite like a memory foam mattress and with this firm your in safe hands. Visco Therapy have an extensive range offering springs or partnering foams for the bottom foundation. 

Offering luxury covers that can be cleaned is an advantage they supply to the shopper. There different tensions like soft or medium bring options keeping them ahead of the competition in the bed industry.

Reflex Foam 

Proving reflex foam mattresses means Visco Therapy supply to every budget. Keeping a keen price means there suitable for cheap bed frames ideal for sale buys all year round. 

Layer a topper and some bedding to complete the frame for exceptional comfort. They supply a large range of size option from small single to super king size they really have thought of everything in the collection. 


There range of ortho mattresses are excellent if you suffer from back aches and pains. There a firmer tension than regular mattresses and provide support for best posture perfect for a healthy sleeping surface. 

Using a solid platform bed divan bed might be your best option for this style. Offering to a sprung slatted top might defeat the object and could lack on a performance partnership. 

Pocket Spring

If your thinking about new mattresses always consider pocket springs especially if the beds for 2 sleepers. Visco Therapy offer plenty of counts that would be suitable for adults and children. 

Place on an ottoman bed frame with a sprung top this style of surface would bring quality support. Consider a tufted mattress with a quality upholstery fabric for a softer and sumptuous offering. 

Cool Blue 

You could choose a cool blue memory foam mattress from this brand for temperature control. This style contours similar to other foams but in an effective way providing a surface that’s not as moulding as memory. 

For best practice buy a mattress protector if you ever have problems with heat on a sleeping surface. This purchase doesn’t just keep your mattress clean it can help regulate your body temperature too, just a tip from Better Bed Company!


All Visco Therapy mattresses come in a roll up form. This design creates easy dealings on delivery day. This also keeps there prices cheap and inexpensive, Better Bed Company pass this saving on to our shoppers. 

A roll up mattress is ideal for when your taking delivery and journeying to the bedroom of choice. Always measure door ways and hall ways before making any buy online for best practice. 


With every brand we deal with you get a no questions asked 1 year guarantee. Visco Therapy are a quality firm so they also supply an extra 5 year warranty providing customers with peace of mind for this term. 

For more advice on visco therapy mattresses or any other brand call – 08000467616 or email – Better Bed Company are experts in the bed industry and visco therapy mattresses.