Use Better Beds Company for your next Swanglen Headboard!


Better Beds Company partners with Swanglen to give our customers a wide range of headboards!

Swanglen Headboards offer the finest next-day range of headboards.

Our collaboration provides the solution for your headboard needs.

Superb Swanglen Headboards!

Swanglen headboards are the ultimate centrepiece in your bedroom.

Your headboard sets the tone for your décor and is a big decision to make to ensure you have the perfect bedroom!

Swanglen has stunning designs that are hand tailored with the world’s best fabrics to give you the expert quality you deserve.

The Swanglen headboard range is made by UK expert upholsters and features simple and traditional headboards through to grand and contemporary.

Better Beds Company Swanglen Headboards cater to all styles and preferences.

Our bedroom furniture compliments the Swanglen Headboards meaning your dream bedroom can be filled with Better Beds Products!

Show me the Splendid Swanglen Headboards!

Swanglen offers headboards in all shapes, designs and sizes to suit your needs!

The range of hand-finished strutted or floor-standing headboards is a fashionable and stylish way of perfecting the appearance of any bedroom.

Swanglen Tiffany Super King Size Headboard

Check out our Swanglen Tiffany Super King Size Headboard!

This faux suede cream headboard is at a bargain price with next-day delivery!

A vibrant 6ft headboard can provide a sophisticated look to your home with its button effect design.

The Swanglen Tiffany Super King Size Headboard in faux suede cream comes with wooden struts that will attach to the back of the bed, allowing you to move up or down to desired height.

These headboard padded fillings will give you comfort while relaxing in the morning or evening.

Swanglen Bella Headboard

Looking for a square-pattern headboard? See the Swanglen Bella Headboard!

This fashionable headboard features a square pattern and a top bar, which is ideal for any bedroom.

The padding gives you a perfect surface whilst sitting back and relaxing in bed when watching TV or reading.

A well-built construction ensures it will be a long-lasting edition for the home.

This headboard leaves you spoilt for choice with the range of fabric colours and array of shades available.

If that is not enough, the wooden struts allow you to adjust the headboard to your desired height.

Swanglen Pesaro Headboard

Are you looking for a different approach for your headboard? Check out our Swanglen Pesaro Headboard!

This curved headboard design could be a quirky choice for any bedroom.

A button and square pad appearance add a timeless feature to the room.

Pesaro Headboards have generous padding, adding more comfort to your head as you sit back during the night.

This headboard leaves you spoilt for choice with a range of colours to choose from with sizes from single to king size.

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