LPD Furniture For Your Next Bed Frame


When searching for new furnishings for the house there’s only one brand to consider and that’s LPD furniture especially when it comes to bed frames for the bedroom. 

Adding new designs to the collection every month there experienced knowing shoppers need fresh products for modern themed homes. 

Bed frames are so important to the bedroom. Opt for LPD Furniture when buying for high quality standards and multiple style offerings. 

Consider these styles for your next bed frame 

Drawer Beds 

undoubtedly drawer beds can be effective in the home. Lpd supply some quality drawer beds offering space for your bedding and accessories. There drawer beds come in a range of styles to compliment other bedroom furniture. 

This style of bed could make space in the whole house place seasonal items in a place you wouldn’t usually get storage. Before you buy make sure you can access the drawers consider bedroom furniture like bedside tables. 


Imagine the colours and style this could present to the bedroom. The possibilities mean you can create a modern or traditional theme in the chosen room. Opt for upholstery like velvet, linen or leather for cost effectiveness. Colours like green, grey and pink can all create a certain tone to the bedrooms style. 

Ottoman beds 

It’s exciting when buying new bed frames for the house. Make sure to buy in a practical way. This is easily done when buying an LPD Furniture ottoman bed frame creating space for clothing, spare pillows and duvets. 

Opt for ottoman beds with gas lift hinges these make accessing effortless ideal for modern living in the house. 

You can also buy with either slatted bed bases or improve support with a solid designed base. 

TV Beds 

Fitting the time in for entertainment can be difficult. With an LPD Furniture TV Bed your bedtimes about more than just sleep. With built in speakers and a modern headboard the styles there complete with some fashionable bedding. 

This style of bed will also create order in the bedroom with a compartment for controllers and sky boxes. 

Bed Size 

LPD Furniture offer different sized beds for every style of bedroom:

1 Single beds for kids bedrooms offer the required mattress with a 190cm x 90cm sleeping surface. 

2 Double size beds would be suitable for 2 sleepers. This size is 135cm x 190cm offer this to master bedrooms. 

3 LPD Furniture king size beds perfect for large bedrooms. Place a 150cm x 200cm mattress for best practice and a healthy sleeping offering. 

4 Super king size the largest UK standard size. Perfect for a spacious surface buy for statements and focal points in the bedroom. 

Make sure to consider furniture and the size of the bedroom before making any purchase. 

LPD Furniture are a partner of Better Bed Company offering shoppers quality beds. We only deal with trusted brands who offer quality beds and furniture for our customers. If you have any questions or need advice on LPD Furniture products call – 08000467616 or email –