Kayflex Memory Foam Mattresses For Your Next Bed


Searching for a new memory foam mattress for your bed base then consider Kayflex for the best brand in the industry. Ensure your aware of the size of the mattress and the depth before any buy. Get this correct and your bedroom will welcome a quality supportive sleeping offering. We take a look at some of the best memory foam mattresses from Kayflex that would be an excellent choice for the purchase. 

Memory foam and reflex foam 

A quality memory foam mattress will always have a good foundation as combinations are what makes a sleeping surface. If your keen on getting this correct consider a reflex foam mattress this will offer support to the top layer. Looking in to this it’s quite obvious that these two materials work well together so make sure your thinking about this from the start. 

Solid bed base 

The bed base is very important when thinking about a memory foam mattress. For a significant impact your base should be made from wood and fabric like linen and velvet. There’s bed bases that are designed for ventilation this is perfect for small bedrooms and keeps products aired in the drawers. You may want to look in to buying a solid slatted bed base for the memory foam mattress this will offer support. 

Upholstery covers 

The attention to detail in the make up of the Kayflex memory foam mattress has to be there. You may want to buy a cool upholstery cover for this style of mattress as memory foam contours to the body and causes heat. Consider a mattress protector with the buy this will cool the sleeping surface even more. 

Next Day delivery 

If your wanting your mattress fast then Kayflex offer a next day service this is perfect for when your in a rush. This is convenient as this type of mattress comes a roll up which is perfect for loft rooms and tight spaces. Your saving money due to the space required on the delivery van, transporting this style of mattress is cheap compared to a standard size.  


Be careful about how you select your size. Offering the same size mattress as the bed. For instance a double mattress would be best suited to a double bed this would be 135cm x 190cm the same go’s for a king size mattress this would need a 150cm x 200cm bed base. Also consider the depth of the mattress think about bed sheets and mattress protectors before the buy takes place. Dimensions of the memory foam roll up mattress are also important when delivery takes place. We have the Better Bed Company Size Guide for help on this matter. 

Dealing with brands such as Kayflex were able to offer a good service to customers. Working with brands like this offers customer peace of mind knowing there market leaders and have been for years just reiterate there grasp on the sale of mattresses. 

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