Kayflex Mattresses Your Brand For A Roll Up Mattress With A Comfortable Feel


Kayflex Mattress company are a market leader in the roll up UK industry. They offer Memory Foam mattresses that are cost effective to the end user. There pillows are manufactured using high quality memory foam as with there mattresses. They also have a selection of latex mattress toppers all available with fast delivery being a standard. Kayflex say you can save up to 75% compared to traditional mattress manufactures that’s a bold statement and something they state on there home page. There guarantee is a confidant 1 year with a 5 year warranty that’s quite good compared to others in the market today. 

Better Bed Company take a look at some of the reasons you should buy Kayflex mattresses

Kayflex Mattress And Beds

Kayflex Mattress Selling Points 

There best selling mattresses are memory foam a very contouring material that will give you the right posture during your sleep. Memory foam mattresses are heat sensitive and work when you body get’s to a certain temperature. The material will relieve the pressure points putting you in the correct position keeping your spine straight so it’s going to be a healthy sleep on kayflex mattress. 

They have a range of Kayflex latex mattresses for the natural purchase. If your looking for a material that’s similar to memory foam but isn’t man made then the latex models would be something to consider. 

Kayflex Mattresses And Beds

They realise that sometimes customers struggle with memory foam because of the heat so they have come up with a material that’s called cool blue. This has most of the characteristics of memory foam but its a cooler material. 

Kayflex mattresses come in a range of sizes including Small Single and Small Double mattresses. This is a good selling point as the bed industry is full of mattresses that only come in standard sizes. With a Kayflex mattress you can have the choice and that’s something we look for when finding manufacturers to add to our site. 

Roll up kayflex mattresses make it an easy way for the customer when they are handling the product. This has got to be a good thing for everyone involved. The delivery service is fast and convenient with attention to detail. The delivery driver will add the mattress to the room of your choice leaving you to unroll when you see fit. 

Kayflex Mattresses And Beds

There mattresses are comfortable and luxurious giving the correct support. If your looking for a healthy sleep then you should take kayflex mattresses into consideration.

Something you could find quite difficult in to days market is a company you can trust and who have experience. They know what it takes to handle big volumes of mattresses, beds, pillows and mattress protectors. That’s something that becomes clear when you deal with the brand. 

Better Bed Company only deal with the leading UK manufacturers who we know will give our customers the correct service and build relationships over the years. We want to pass on our knowledge to you to create a family in the mattress industry unparalleled by anyone that’s our promise to you.