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Julian Bowen

If your looking for quality Sofas and Beds for your home with comfort and style a given you should consider Julian Bowen. The Nottinghamshire based manufacture is one of the leading companies in the industry with price points below the average. The range of items is extensive catering to a large selection of tastes. The materials used are high end at budget prices if you know Julian Bowen its easy to understand how they pull this off compared to others in the industry. 

With over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry the company has gown massively in this period of time becoming a market leader. With a 150,000 sq ft facility in Kirkby giving them the space to provide the best possible experience for consumers in the UK today. They touch on a global scale with designers and work force in Asia and South America keeping them on top of the game. This type of work force enables them to come up with fresh new ideas in design and technology in the full furniture industry. 

The Awards won show how much those in the know think about them and value there company. They won awards for there customer service as well there whole saler features. This should give customers confidence because of the aspect of the awards. It’s OK being great at producing the best products but if your service is poor it’s bad form. This go’s to show a well thought after brand leader and a service standard with distinction. Better Bed Company only partner with the best and pass this on to our customers 

Julian Bowen Sofas 

Julian Bowen Monza Sofas-Better Bed Company

The sofa collection is getting bigger by the day with them coming out with new designs on a regular basis. They still stick to there beliefs and values making sure that quality is kept to high a standard. They supply choices with 2 and 3 seater models in the sofa collections. This gives consumers a choice if they have a small area and love the look of a certain model there’s posibilites if one doesn’t fit the other will. That’s down to Julian Bowen thinking out side the box and giving UK customers options when dealing with them. 

They also supply different sofas with different finishes knowing that customers have different tastes and needs in 2019. With a Julian Bowen Faux Leather sofa your looking at an item that’s easy to clean and will look the part for years to come. They have the fabric style sofas that bring a contemporary style to the home with a modern grey colour there providing for today’s consumers. 

Julian Bowen Children’s Beds 

Julian Bowen Max Combination Bunk Bed-Better Bed Company

When considering a new Child’s bedroom item you should always think about dealing with a company who have certificates this should be first on the list. The safety of your child is the most important thing and all Julian Bowen Beds conform with BS EN 747:2012 Safety Standards

The next on the list should be comfort and style. There children beds come with solid slats giving children a supportive feel is important because this will help when there growing. At that age you don’t need sprung slats at there’s not enough weight. The next is style and bringing fun and education to the bedroom. The collection is full of beds deigned with both genders in mind. 

The next should be options the Children’s beds offer. The L Shaped Bunk Bed brings choices and could be used in more than one scenario. This could take them into teenage years with the bunk turning into to two beds so really your getting double for your money and that can’t be a bad thing for any one ! 

Julian Bowen Bed Frames

Julian Bowen Curve Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

The design and craftsmanship is apparent in the Bed Frames collection getting consumer a quality item at the correct price. Your also getting a range of materials with a large array of wooden bed frames on offer with a selection of fabric beds to choose from as well. The designs are all very different but keeping in with a stylish theme. The colour schemes provided by Julian Bowen are 2019 shades with a few traditional colours for the elegant buyers. 

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