Julian Bowen Bed Frames The Stylish Option For Your Home In 2019


Julian Bowen Bed Frames 

With style comes design and Julian Bowen have been at the fore front of the UK market of designing this type of furniture item since the early 90’s ! 

They understand the consumers and the need for style in there homes and there bed frame collection comes with distinction as a standard. 

You wont find a better manufactured and styled bed frame in the UK for the price point giving you the customer the bed frame at the prices you want when you want.

Better Bed Company take a look through some of there Bed Frame Collection and advise what it could bring to your home in 2019.  

Julian Bowen Metal Bed Frames 

We start with the Metal Bed Frames they have to offer. 

The selection is in the range, your getting a choice of elegant or contemporary style metal bed frames. Both styles giving you a unique look that could really bring something new to your bedroom and home. 

Julian Bowen Isabel Bed Frame Julian Bowen Marquis Metal Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

With Ivory Bed frames coming in a number of designs this could be useful if your adding to existing bedroom furniture as it’s neutral shade. 

The headboard designs on Julian Bowen metal bed frames come in beautifully modern styles as well. 

All in all you get so much choice when dealing with Julian Bowen you can’t go wrong for a purchase of a Metal Bed Frame 

Julian Bowen Pine Bed Bed Frames 

Another material Julian Bowen are getting right in 2019 is there range of wooden beds and pine is up there in there must have bed frames. 

You get the choice of grand high foot end pine beds or if your bedroom is more suited to a low foot end design they have you covered with both options. 

Julian Bowen Barcelona Low Foot End Bed Frame Julian Bowen High Foot End Bed Frame

The shaker style pine bed frames are a favourite in 2019 and Julian Bowen know this. They have the Barcelona Bed Frame that brings with it this particular design. 

They also have a traditional styled pine beds so again the selection given to customer is really unparalleled by any other UK beds manufacturer. 

Julian Bowen have a massive selection of bed frames for consumers all over the UK. So what ever style your looking for you should definitely consider them before buying any bed frame for the home in 2019

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