Jay-Be The Brand For Sofas, Children’s Mattresses And Guest Beds You Want In Your Home


Jay-Be a British brand with 100 years of trading in the UK. The company has a vast amount of products for consumers to choose from so your home is in great hands if your after choice. They cater to your bedrooms and your children’s this means it’s a family thing with them. A quality home furnished item is hard to come by when looking around the British manufactured market with so many companies importing there ready made sofas these days. Rest assured that Jay-Be have manufactured a huge amount of Guest Beds and sofas for homes all around the UK over the years with great effect and success. 

When looking around your homes you want to add furniture that creates an atmosphere the whole family can benefit from. You want to share in the wealth of any products purchased and that’s what you get from a Jay-be sofa or guest bed. Your Friends can use these products as well so you want to provide the best possible experience for those users. 

JAY-BE Sofas 

Jay Be Duck Egg Fabric Sofa-better Bed Company

jay-be sofas have a certain look to them with pride taken in the design and function process of all products manufactured. If your for a colour with a distinctive shade then Jay-Be have a an array you won’t find any were else. Duck Egg Sofas could be the coloured fabric style that suits a certain room in your home and Jay-be cater to this. They also have a stylish aubergine fabric sofa that could stand out the bedroom or room you choose to place the item. 

JAY-BE Sofa Beds

Jay Be Aubergine Coloured Fabric Sofa Bed

it’s a difficult purchase to make when looking for the right sofa bed you want to get it right. Comfort is high on the list of requirements and when dealing with Jay-Be Sofa Beds they give you lot’s of choices for the mattresses. The pocket spring mattresses give you and your guests an experience you won’t find any were else. Jay-be sofa beds come in a range of fabric options so the style your looking for is easy to find in there ranges. 

JAY-BE Guest Beds

Jay-Be Folding Guest Beds

Guest beds are a very important purchase because you know it’s not just you and your family that they will effect. You friends want a healthy sleep while visiting your home and you want to provide this. Jay-Be guest beds come with a folding mechanism that’s going to add space saving features to the purchase. You may want a guest bed that you can pull out when needed and that’s exactly what Jay-be folding guest beds offer.

See one of our Jay-Be guest beds 

Jay-Be Advanced Folding Guest Bed With Airflow Fibre Mattress


JAY-BE Children’s Mattresses

Jay-Be Waterproof Children's Mattress

With a Jay-be children mattress they have taken into account comfort and the end user. Sometimes children have accidents it’s always going to be a possibility Jay-Be know this so they have come up with a few answers. There Toddler water proof mattress is designed for any spills to be wiped clean easily just one of advantages of purchasing a Jay-Be mattress for children. They also have pocket spring mattress to give your kids a supportive sleep at an early age. 

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