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Bedmaster Beds The Brand For The Home


We’re talking ottoman beds for storage and bunk beds for the children’s bedroom offering style. With Bedmaster Beds your only buying the best knowing there quality measures like we do we understand the trusts there. There wooden bed frames and high sleepers offer your family home strong and reliable furniture for the future as well as today. 

Check out some of our picks from Bedmaster 

Ottoman Beds 

Offer an ottoman bed to your house from this brands your buy’s for the long term. Choose from wooden to fabrics like velvet, linen and leather perfect for modern settings. There’s loads of space for storage inside there beds with large depths in there underbed compartments, these designs really make a difference in the house. opt for scalloped headboard ideal for style or work in a diamond effect stitched to perfection. 

Bedmaster Aurora Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed-Better Bed Company

Bed Frames

Bedmaster bed frames provide the bedroom with colours offering a large range of shades. Choose pastel colours or go contemporary grey or stone they have the best suiters for your home. There wooden bed frames create different advantages to the home with trundle designs perfect for guest bedrooms. Shelving and drawers offer order to the bedroom there collection has a solution for every scenario. 

Bunk Beds 

The Bedmaster range is packed with bunk beds for children offering different colours and designs for every instance. Choose a pine bunk bed for neutral effects or offer a sleek white bunk to the kids bedroom keeping the whole space modern and vibrant. They even offer triple sleeper bunk beds these are better for when your girls and boys are growing fast choose this for when guests are staying over the night. 

Bedmaster Bunk Beds-Better Bed Company

Storage Beds 

Opt for a bedmaster storage bed frames perfect for small accessories offering easy access in the bedroom. There drawers beds come in different designs for traditional or modern themes. Offer Bedmaster Beds as a drawer frame to a Teenagers bedroom or a spare room ideal for presenting an orderly environment. Scroll top drawer beds are perfect for masters there range offers the glam factor to the bedroom for statements. 

Bedmaster Storage Bed Frame-Better Bed Company

Divan Beds 

Discover Bedmaster Divan Beds for your bedroom creating style with different headboard designs. Choose from fabric options like faux leather, chenille and suede these upholstery options keep things cheap and offer different colours to the bedroom. There drawer options come in a wide variety think 2 draws for a single divan bed this would be perfect for pillows. A king size bed might be best suited to a 4 drawer style and a super king size divan bed might work well with there 2 + 2 continental offering especially if you have bedside tables in the room. 


There mattresses are budget friendly and offer a quality sleeping surface for shoppers. They offer sales all around the year knowing they won’t be beaten on price is something they pride them selves on. There designs like open coil and pocket spring mattresses means they position them selves in the luxury and cheap market. Offering there memory foam mattresses to the bed base means your supported and provided with a healthy surface for quality posture. 

Partnering with Bedmaster we know our customers are going to happy. There attention to every detail will give you peace of mind. Were always here to help at any time if you have any questions call – 08000467616 or email –