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Artisan Bed Frames For Storage With Drawers


Sure your looking for a new bed frame and your offered so many designs it’s hard to know what to choose. Use this opportunity to produce storage in the bedroom offer drawers to the beds in your house. This way you can ensure your room and homes in order presenting practical advantages to the buy. Here’s some suggestions from the Artisan Bed Company that could de-clutter the space and offer style. 

Grey Fabric Bed

Grey fabric beds with drawers are an exceptional way of producing storage space. Having a bed frame that’s inviting and practical ticks all the boxes. Simply place your order in a king size 5ft or a double 4ft6 perfect for sleeping surfaces that’s are spacious. Now if you do opt for an artisan drawer bed choose from different upholstery consider light in small bedrooms and darker in big rooms. 

Consider Leather 

An alternative solution would be a leather bed frame with storage perfect for guest bedrooms. If your on a budget opt for a faux this means the buy will be cheap and effective. Check the bed base for a medium offer a sprung solution for a firm tension think solid tops. 

Plan The Bedroom 

There’s certain situation where an ottoman bed might be a better option or consider a wooden bed on legs if your struggling for access. Draw up a plan of the bedroom consider bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobes you want to be able to use everything in the room for best practice. 

The Basics 

Choose a brand like Artisan Bed Company for peace of mind knowing you have at least 1 year guarantee on the sale bring confidence for the shopping experience. Order from a website that has good reviews it’s important to check how past customers have found the chosen brands performance in the past. Ask about delivery do you need a next day service or does a week or 2 work? 


Hopefully you purchase the correct mattress for a drawer bed frame. opt for a pocket spring with memory foam mattress if this beds for couples. An open coil system with natural fillings may offer value for money. 

Consider the size of the mattress make sure to buy the same length and width of the drawer bed. The depth of the mattress also matters you want to be able to see the headboard and foot end. 

Drawer Options 

Choose the correct drawers options for your situation. A 4 drawer might be best suited to a master while a 2 might be good for a guest room. With front drawers you could place bedroom furniture sets at the side of the bed and this might be the most practical solution. 

If you have any questions on Artisan Bed Company or any other brand for that fact where always here to help. We have over 30 years experience in the bed and mattress industry and want to pass on our expertise and knowledge. Call 08000467616 or email to customercare@betterbedcompany.uk for any advice now.