What are the benefits of small single and small double mattresses?


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In our latest Better Beds blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of the little-known wonders of a small single mattress and its bigger brother, the small double mattress!

Small Single Mattress – They’re the future!

The small single mattress is perfect for those looking to make the most of the space available to them.

Small single mattresses may be a solution for those:

  • Who live in a bedsit
  • For use in a spare bedroom
  • For use in a box room

A small single mattress is also a great stepping-stone mattress for parents to use for their children who are graduating from their toddler bed.

The main difference to note with a small single mattress as opposed to a regular single mattress is their respective widths – (90×190 for a standard single mattress and 75×190 for a small single mattress).

This makes a small single mattress a fine fit for customers whose bed space is much narrower than that of typical bed space, without sacrificing on comfort!

Small Double Mattress – No longer just for the master bedroom!

There was once a time where the double mattress was seen as only for the master bedroom and nowhere else – not any longer with the Small Double Mattress from Better Beds!

There’s no longer any reason for the double mattress to be reserved for just the one room. Not only can a small double mattress make your room look bigger but it also means that you can now have the luxury and comfort of a double mattress in whichever room you choose in your home…

However, there are a few things to consider before going ahead and purchasing a small double mattress:

  • Bedroom size
  • How tall you are/you and your partner are
  • How much ‘moving space’ you need
  • Do you need bed storage or not?
  • Layout/room design
  • Door height/shape

For more on our small double mattress, read our guide here.



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