White Beds For Modern Homes


Finding the correct colour for your bedroom can be tricky, especially when searching for neutral vibes. Our white beds collection is packed with different styles and designs offering the perfect match for your other bedroom furniture buys. Discover the best fabric ottomans and wooden frames to partner with your pocket spring mattresses for a quality sleeping surface. 

Always try to add light colours in smaller bedrooms this is going to bring the illusion of space to the room. 

Discover white faux leather bedsteads and flat packed singles ideal for the long term and providing low maintenance to the home. With an extensive range add this style to your kids bedrooms with high sleepers and bunks saving space and bringing quality to there lives. Keep browsing for more models below. 

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White Ottoman Beds  

Add storage to the bedroom with white ottoman beds go stylish with fabric upholstery. Opt for a super king size if you have a master room or go small double for tight spaces. Add a memory foam mattress and some 2 + 1 bedside tables to partner each side. 

Better Finchen Off White Linen Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

White Wooden Beds 

Discover white wooden beds effective in children’s bedrooms or master and spare rooms for a light colour. Add drawers for storage or go all out with a storage lift base this will save space in the home. Team this with some grey wardrobes and a chest of draws for style. 

Bedmaster Grayson Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

White Bunk Beds 

Invest in white bunk beds for your girls and boys for a modern themed bedroom. With neutral aspects this colours going to work well with other children’s bedroom furniture. Add a low profile mattress and water-proof protector keeping the sleeping surface clean and dust-free. 

Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper bed-Better Bed Company

Questions and Answers on White Beds

What is a white bed?

A white bed is an item of furniture you would use in a bedroom for a sleeping on. Designed using different materials like wood, metal and fabric. A white bed can come in all different sizes like single, double and super king size your best choice would depend on the size of the bedroom. You can buy bunk beds and high sleepers in a white colour ideal for children. 

Is there a different shades of white beds? 

Yes you can by off white beds this is slightly darker than white. There’s also bright white which is a lighter colour. There’s also ivory this is usually found on metal beds this type of colour is more cream and suits well with other furniture depending on your tastes. 

Can you buy double white beds? 

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to double white beds in the UK today. Ranging from fabric ottoman beds to leather frames this size is the most common in Britain. Use this bed in large bedrooms, suitable for 2 sleepers with enough room to spare. There’s also double bunk beds available with the lower ideal for when you have growing kids. If your struggling for space you can buy 4ft beds these are 120cm in width as appose to 135cm ideal for when you have a smaller space and want extra room for bedside tables and chest of drawers for storage.