What are the best bed frames for my bedroom


There’s so many bed frames to choose from when it comes to the best for your home. Think about size, materials and style get this right and your half way there. Create a modern theme with this type of bedroom furniture consider the mattress this offers the comfort for the sleeper. 

We’ve come up with some choices that could make the bed frame buy correct for your house. Choose the right headboard and think about space there’s certain designs that work better in smaller bedrooms. A quality bed frame would assist in creating a welcoming theme in the bedroom ideal for guests or placed in a master room. 

1 Wooden Bed Frames

Buying wooden bed frames would be perfect for offering textures and tones to the space. A wooden bed frame purchased with a slatted headboard would allow the light to flow through out the bedroom offering a spacious effect. Think colours with a grey wooden bed your homes going to modern with white beds your sleek and stylish. 

2 Fabric bed frames

Opt for a fabric bed frame in the main bedroom for contemporary benefits. choose from fabrics like leather, linen and velvet beds ideal for long term advantages. This style of bed could be a great edition to to adults bedrooms offering matching benefits ideal for working with bedroom furniture sets. Get the size correct on a fabric bed frame and your bedrooms modern or traditional. 

3 Ottoman bed frames

Choose ottoman bed frames for storage ideal for apartments and spare bedrooms offering space for accessories. Opt for an ottoman bed with a large storage section this would start with a depth of 15cm and go upwards to 30cm in depth this will provide plenty of room for boxes and seasonal objects. Discover gas piston lift systems these making lifting the bed base effortless for 1 person 

4 Double bed frames 

This type of bed frame in the most common on the UK market. Buy double bed frames with different headboard for creating styles in the home. A 4ft6 bed frame would be perfectly partnered by a double mattress choose a comfortable memory foam or go with a pocket spring for better support. A double bed frame would be suited to adults and could also work well for Teenagers promoting a more mature scene in the bedroom. 

5 TV Bed Frames 

For your entertainment choose a TV Bed frame this would bring lifestyle benefits to the bedroom. A TV Bed Frame would work best in a master bedroom for style and user ability. Think about the colours with a modern grey your contemporary, choose black for sophistication and go crush velvet for glamorous settings.  

Better Bed company have so many offerings when it comes to bed frames for your house. Choose the correct bed frame for your room get a good idea from our social check out the Facebook and Insta feeds for some ideas on what could work well in certain room settings. 

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