Vogue Beds Double Mattress Online That Will Be Cheap In The UK


Vogue Beds

When selecting the firms you want to deal with online in the UK it’s should be known who is a quality brand to deal with and who is keen on price. It’s a difficult one a mattress as this buy is usually made on unfrequented basis generally. You can look at blogs like this, reviews, word of mouth and just use common sense. When buying a Vogue Beds Double Mattress you should consider a few details about the brand that we will discuss in today’s blog. knowing them like we and having experience in the mattress industry it’s easy for us to point you in the right direction. There’s so many advantages to a Vogue Beds Double Mattress we next run through these. 

Advantages to a Double Mattress From Vogue Beds

They have a selection that could rival any brand from a double open coil spring mattress at a starting point to a double pocket spring mattress. Giving consumers choice is something they do with great ease. 

Vogue Beds Cool Blue Memory Foam Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

The materials they use in their double mattress collection range from hypo-allergenic fillings giving the end user a low cost mattress all the way to a top of the range cool blue memory foam. All the materials they add to there double mattress bring slightly different feels. 

Vogue Beds Double Mattress-Better Bed Company

The delivery time scale is quite good to. With some manufacturers your waiting weeks for your new mattress. With Vogue beds they have a strict 1 week time scale on all deliveries to the UK. They also do some models on a same day basis and that’s as fast as any company you will ever find in the UK. 

Vogue Beds Double Mattress Online

They realised a while back that the UK climate in beds and mattress trade was changing. They tackled this coming out with an online range just for UK customers giving them choices to deal with firms on and off line. This gives options to consumers making them one step ahead of the rest. 

This range has so many choices involving a range of fillings including Latex, Memory foam and natural fillings. They also wanted to offer different spring systems including bonnell units and pocket spring systems. 

Better Bed Company also wanted to high light the next day roll up mattress dedicated to online customers. It’s called the swift range. It’s a cheap way of getting a double mattress to the customer as well as fast. Being rolled up means less space needed and selecting the right materials fit for a low cost item. 

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