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Vogue Beds Mattress

Buying a new mattress for your self should be for the long term and getting this purchase correct will add benefits through out it’s life span. When looking at Vogue Beds you can guarantee your getting a cheap deal and you can be confidant in dealing with an experienced company. There Blue Cool Memory Foam Mattress range is one of there best selling and can hold it’s own in the industry. The Vogue Beds Group has been manufacturing mattresses for over 25 years now and it’s no wonder they have a wide customer base and have an award winning history. 

The Blue Cool Memory Foam Mattresses are made in Vogue Beds Leicestershire factory by the finest craftsmen. There a company who specialise in the independent Beds retailer trade, Hotels, Student accommodations and health authorities. This gives the staff increased knowledge in the Mattress and Beds industry working with specialised sectors only adds to there extensive experience making them one of the leading Brands out there in 2019. This also gives them good buying power when sourcing the materials from suppliers because of the multiple industries they get a higher turnover giving them a lot more power than your average manufacturer. This then get’s passed on to the customer making them a cheap brand to deal with. 

The Mattress we will will be discussing today is the Cool Blu Memory Foam and Pocket Spring but this isn’t the only style they manufacture. They have an extensive range including open coil spring systems with hypoallergenic fillings, Latex Mattresses and an orthopedic range for back sufferers to name just a few styles they have on offer to the British public. 

Cool Blu Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress And Bed-Better Bed Company

Vogue Beds Cool Blu Memory Foam And Pocket Spring Mattress 

The next generation in memory foam brought to you by a company who deserves to take this to the UK market. The Cool Blu Memory Foam is designed to take this material to the next level and give the end user a cooler sleeping surface. The thing with normal memory foam is it’s a hot material causing users to become sweaty and sticky during there sleep. This happens because of the molding nature around the body this is were the warmth builds up and causes over heating to the user. Pockets of Air build up and become hot and this can bring issues to the sleeper including high temperature. 

With Cool Blu Memory Foam you get the contouring nature but it’s less molding with more of a bounce. The same with memory foam they both have temperature reacting properties but the molding is less apparent. They have been trying to deal with this issue for a number of years now in the mattress industry bringing covers to the market including the outlast fabric and cool max cover they do make a difference but the cool blue memory foam takes it to the next level. 

Cool Blu Memory Foam is great at relieving pressure points on the body. You have places on the body that cause pressure points on the mattress these include your feet, back, shoulders,neck and head.  Cool Blu Memory foam relieves these areas. When you sleep you also want to keep your spine as straight as possible Cool Blu Memory Foam helps with this task. – NHS Article On Posture You also want to sleep straight to encourage blood Circulation around the body including your Brain this is also very important guiding you to a more healthy life style. – Live Strong Article On Blood Circulation.   

The Pocket Spring System is a great partner for Cool Blu Foam supporting you during the night. The nested pocket spring contour to your body independently so with every movement you make you get the cool blu memory foam and pocket spring system working with one another giving you a health experience. The pocket spring system is great for your partner as well the pockets of spring working independently from one another means there un attached giving the users independent movement. Other spring systems on the market are connected together so can cause you and your partner to roll together during your sleep. This can cause more issues if one is of a heavier weight than the other causing the lighter of the two to roll to the center of the mattress. 

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