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Top Three Julian Bowen Kids Bunk Beds with Better Bed Company


Searching for the perfect kids bunk beds? Check out our Julian Bowen range here at Better Bed Company!

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This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about our top three Julian Bowen kids bunk beds!

Julian Bowen Kids Bunk Beds

Julian Bowen Willow Treehouse Bunk

Introducing the Julian Bowen Willow Treehouse Bunk, guaranteed to bring some style and fun to your children’s bedroom!

We know how important it is for kids to feel comfortable in their bedrooms, and this product is perfect for that.

With its two levels, the bunk bed provides plenty of space for your little ones to play; it also has a window on the top bunk so they can get a bit of fresh air.

The strong construction ensures a safe sleep environment; rest assured that safety is always our priority.

The wooden-plank design looks smart and will complement most other furniture in your child’s room.

A ladder makes it easier for them to climb up into the top bunk safely and quickly.

On top of all that, the Julian Bowen Willow Treehouse Bunk is suitable for all types of mattresses – including low-profile styles – so you don’t have to spend extra on those!

Get the Julian Bowen Willow Treehouse Bunk today and give your children a fun sleeping environment they’ll love!

Julian Bowen Solar Bunk Bed White

If you’re looking to revamp your kid’s bedroom with a trendy look, the Julian Bowen Solar Bunk Bed White is sure to please!

Whether you’ve got girls or boys, this neutral shade will fit into any bedroom style, and its sleek and modern look ensures a fashionable, cool vibe for years to come.

With its resources being used by tiny children, safety is of utmost importance, and you can be sure that this bunk bed from Julian Bowen has your child’s well-being in mind.

The bottom bunk is low off the floor, so even younger kids can access it easily and use their imagination for playtime.

Furthermore, 3ft mattresses are suitable for this bunk bed – just be sure to check that their thickness does not exceed 18cm as you want them to stay comfortably inside the area.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to your kid’s bedroom: get the Julian Bowen Solar Bunk Bed White today!

Julian Bowen Zodiac Bunk Bed

Create a relaxing sanctuary with the Julian Bowen Solar Bunk Bed!

Perfect for those needing to maximize their bedroom space, this bunk bed has been expertly designed and crafted with a white lacquer finish that will be sure to match any décor.

Conforming to the highest safety standards, your children are sure to rest as they cuddle up in this robust and durable bunk bed every night.

Crafted with high side rails, kids of all sizes can sleep comfortably tucked inside this bunk bed, knowing they are safe and secure.

Featuring strong ladders, adults won’t have to worry when it comes time for them to climb up or down from this top-tier sleeping area.

Who are Julian Bowen?

Julian Bowen is a renowned furniture manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, known for providing high-quality, fully-integrated furniture solutions to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

With years of experience in the industry, the company has developed a reputation for producing innovative and stylish designs, coupled with exceptional customer service.

Julian Bowen’s bespoke design service is tailored to individual customer needs, focusing on creating furniture that fits seamlessly into any space.

A state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution network supports the company’s manufacturing process, ensuring that all orders are processed efficiently and delivered on time.

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