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Top Three Double Ottoman Beds from Better Bed Company


Are you searching for the perfect double ottoman bed for your home? Better Bed Company are here to help!

Better Bed Company have a wide range of ottoman beds varying in sizes and colours to suit all customer’s needs.

Please take a look below at three of our bestselling double ottoman beds!

Bedmaster Wilson Double Ottoman Bed

The Bedmaster Wilson Double Ottoman Bed is an elegant and modern style of bed frame designed to be a stylish addition to any bedroom.

This bed features a buttoned headboard and provides plenty of support while also looking great.

It features an easy-to-lift base, giving ample room underneath so you can maximize your storage space.

This ottoman bed comes in two colours: Grey and Oatmeal, allowing you to pick the best option for your taste and décor.

The top of the frame is supported by heavy-duty sprung slats designed to provide comfortable support for adults and children alike.

What’s more, this stylish design comes with a mattress retention system that helps ensure your mattress stays securely in place even when lifting the bed base up or down.

This feature allows for quick and convenient access to your belongings stored beneath!

GFW Side Lift Double Ottoman Bed

A GFW Side Lift Double Ottoman Bed is a stylish and spacious storage solution for your bedroom.

Featuring a unique side-opening lift, this ottoman bed offers generous space to store your pillows, blankets and other bedroom items with easy access.

Available in various colours, including black, white and brown, you can easily find one that will match any existing décor.

This ottoman bed is made from durable faux leather and is easy to clean. It’s also delivered on a next-day service for added convenience.

The side-opening lift makes it perfect for those who are short on space, as the frame doesn’t need any extra floor area when opening or closing the lid.

Furthermore, the frame also offers support for up to 8 inches of mattress depth, ensuring you get a comfortable night’s sleep every time.

The GFW Side Lift Double Ottoman Bed is an innovative storage solution designed to make your life easier while instantly giving your bedroom an elegant look.

Its sleek design and practicality make it an ideal addition to any home!

Kaydian Lanchester Velvet Plume Double Ottoman Bed Frame

The Kaydian Lanchester Velvet Plume Double Ottoman Bed Frame is a premium, modern-style bed frame that offers any space a luxurious look and feels.

Crafted from quality materials and featuring a straight-lined headboard with a fabric finish, this ottoman bed frame is perfect for adding a contemporary style to the bedroom.

The MDF base gives the frame stability, while the handles upholstered in the fabric make accessing underneath the bed easy.

Additionally, short in, depth feet provide an extra touch of uniqueness by slightly elevating the ottoman off the floor.

This construction gives the piece incredible strength and durability that will last for years to come.

With its luxurious velvet plume finish and design, the Kaydian Lanchester Velvet Plume Double Ottoman Bed Frame is ideal for creating a luxurious sleeping experience in any master or spare bedroom.

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