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Are you searching for the best-selling Julian Bowen beds? Look no further!

A comfortable and stylish bed is crucial in creating the perfect bedroom sanctuary. 

Better Bed Company offers an exceptional range of best-selling Julian Bowen beds, which are known for their exquisite design and outstanding quality

This latest blog from Better Bed Company will explain everything you need to know about our best-selling Julian Bowen beds!

Best-Selling Julian Bowen Beds

Julian Bowen Camille Bed: Elegance and Functionality Combined

The Camille Bed is a stunning oak and fabric bed frame that brings sophistication to any bedroom. 

Its traditional styling, featuring a beige fabric well-padded headboard, adds both lifestyle benefits and visual appeal. The elevated bed frame showcases intricate patterns and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

Solid slats provide a firm foundation for your mattress, offering support and helping with moisture control within the mattress. 

The Camille Bed’s elegant design is ideal for enhancing various bedroom styles, making it a top choice for those seeking both style and comfort.

Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper Bed: Space-Saving Solution for Kids and Teenagers

The Pegasus High Sleeper Bed is a versatile and practical choice for children and teenagers. 

Finished in timeless matt white with silver-grey accents, this bed features a pull-out wardrobe with an integral storage drawer, maximizing space within its compact footprint. 

The robust desk includes additional storage drawers and cable holes, providing ample headroom for even the tallest kids to work comfortably.

The ladder of the Pegasus High Sleeper Bed incorporates hidden storage cupboards at every step, adding more functionality to this space-saving solution. 

Due to bunk bed safety regulations, only the Premier or Platinum Mattresses are suitable for use on the upper bunk.

Julian Bowen Salerno Shaker Bed Frame: Iconic Design and Durability

The Salerno Shaker Bed Frame by Julian Bowen is a solid oak bed frame known for its durability and iconic design. 

The shaker-style bed frame complements a range of decor styles, with a plinth on both the headboard and footboard, adding character and charm. Sprung slats provide comfort and extend the lifespan of your mattress.

The Salerno Shaker Bed Frame is available in Single, Double, and king—size sizes and comes in Solid Oak, Ivory, and Two-tone finishes. 

Its low foot end and shaker-styled headboard allow light to flow freely around the room, making it suitable for both small and large bedrooms.

The space underneath the bed offers ample storage, ideal for boxes and bedding. This versatile bed frame is an excellent investment for any home.

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