Top 10 Tips For Sleeping Better


We all want a mattress or bed that helps us sleep better. We want comfort and luxury at the same time. Are actions during the day and before we sleep can have an effect on how well we sleep. Better Bed Company have come up with the top 10 tips on getting the best sleep possible. 

Number one 

keep your self in a routine and stick to it. The more we do something the better we get. Your timing of the hours you fall asleep and wake up can have an effect so try and stick to a time schedule. Maybe put a quite alarm on so you know what time to drift off. 

Clock For Time Keeping-Better Bed Company

Number Two 

Coffee-Better Bed Company

Try and stay away from caffeine. If you have coffee or tea late at night this could keep you awake. It’s probably best to stay away after 5 o’clock. If you go to the gym try not to have your energy drinks during your night session. Your heart rate will be higher which is a bad idea if your going to bed. If you want a drink you could have some Horlicks or Milk. 

Number Three

don’t drink alcohol. If you have ever been out on a night out and then slept. You will know exactly what i mean. You never really feel like you have had a good sleep. You will never go into a deep sleep while on alcohol. 

Number Four

Male Smoking-Better Bed Company

Don’t Smoke. Smoking is a really bad habit for more reasons than one and your sleep is one of them. If you do smoke seek medical advice there are all types of patches, instruments and therapy you can have to quit the habit these days.

Number Five

Try not to nap. If you fall asleep during the day it’s not the best idea because it will effect you at night. Try and stay awake during the day hours. You could rest and maybe have Ribena with water or some fruit maybe. This will give you the energy fast and slow receiving. 

Number Six

Fruit-Better Bed Company

Your diet is really important. If you have a balanced diet this will help your life style and give you the energy at the right times during the day. You could see a dietitian who could advice you on this. 

Number Seven

Your bedroom furniture can help. Your comfort is not just about your mattress and bed. The rest of the bedroom furniture can have an effect. The way it’s set out can reduce stress levels. If you have good storage and your bed side tables are close by then this can help. You would want your furniture to be as relaxing as possible. 

Number Eight

Female Doing Yoga-Better Bed Company

Exercise on a regular basis. This will show when your trying to get to sleep. You can use up energy in the gym. Even if you just go for a walk it will help you. A gentle exercise before you go to bed. Yoga is a great way as it will take you to the right place mentally and relax your body

Number Nine

Busy Road-Better Bed Company

Noise pollution will effect you during sleep. If you live on a busy road then it’s best you try and set your bedroom up at the back of the house. Make sure you turn your television off before you sleep as this could awaken you during the night or at least put it on a timer to turn off. 

Number Ten 

We couldn’t make the list with out mentioning our mattresses and beds. The best way for a healthy deep sleep is getting the best surface to sleep on. Your mattress will add comfort and support giving you the best night sleep ever if you get the purchase right. 


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