Too hot in bed? Read our top tips to stay cool when sleeping!


As summer approaches, many people will toss and turn in their sleep because it is too warm.

At Better Beds Company, we know the struggle of trying to sleep in a hot bedroom without access to a fan or air conditioning.

Read below some of our top tips to keep you cool in bed!

Open your windows!

Keeping your window open during the night can be the perfect solution for your heat problems!

If you live in a quiet area, minimal noise and the cross breeze into your bedroom will help you feel more relaxed during the night.

Any homes with blinds or shutters can close them to help block out any sunlight and subsequent heat.

Shower before bed

A shower before bed is an effective technique for staying cool during the night.

Although it may be unorthodox, a warm shower during the evening is the best way to avoid being hot in bed.

The increased blood flow allows more heat to escape from hands and feet, therefore cooling you down.

Use a fan

Using a fan is usually the go to for most people in their bedrooms as it blows cold air at you whilst you sleep.

A fan is also helpful for blowing warm air away from you.

Blowing warm air away instead of cold air can benefit your health as cold air can dry your eyes if left on overnight.

Exercise earlier, not later!

At Better Beds, we want you to have the best night’s sleep and exercise earlier in the day.

Your body is not at its natural temperature until hours after physical activity.

By doing exercise earlier in the day, your body will be at its average temperature during the evening and help you have a better night’s sleep!

Don’t have big meals before bed!

One way to help increase the chances of a better night’s sleep is to restrict the size of your meal if you eat late in the evening.

The digestion of food takes time, and it increases your body temperature, so it is best to have a bigger meal during the afternoon rather than the evening.

Put your bedding in the freezer

Yes, you heard us right. Put your bedding in the freezer!

Wrap your sheets in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer a few hours before bed.

You then take them out and sleep, and you should be able to fall asleep by the time the bedding is back to room temperature.

Stay hydrated

Our final tip is to ensure you are hydrated throughout the day and night.

Drinking hot beverages or alcohol can disrupt your night’s sleep.

Keep a bottle of water by your bed to keep hydrated during your sleep, even if it means taking one extra trip to the toilet!

Plenty of water is needed to keep your body hydrated and away from dehydration from the heat throughout the day.

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