The Ultimate Bed and Mattress Size Guide


Are you searching for your next bed and mattress? Better Bed Company’s Ultimate Bed and Mattress Size Guide has you covered!

It can be challenging to decide which-sized bed is best for you, so we have created an ultimate size guide to give you all the information you need.

This latest Ultimate Guide from Better Bed Company will explain everything you need to know through our bed and mattress size guide!

Ultimate Bed and Mattress Size Guide

There are a number of factors you must look at before buying a new bed and mattress with Better Bed Company.

  • What size bed should you choose?
  • How much space do you have?
  • What type of mattress do you want?
  • Do you want space on either side of the bed?
  • Are you or your partner tall?

With these considerations, look at our bed and mattress size guide below!

Small Single2ft6 x 6ft3
Single3ft x 6ft3
European Single3ft x 6ft6
Small Double4ft x 6ft3
Double4ft x 6ft3
European Double4ft7 x 6ft6
King Size5ft x 6ft6
European King5ft3 x 6ft6
Super King Size6ft x 6ft6

Small Single Bed and Mattress

Do you have children or a guest room on the smaller side?

Sometimes, you need that extra bit of room for other activities or furniture pieces in a smaller bedroom. So, if you’re in a tight squeeze and have a narrow bedroom, the 2ft6 x 190cm measurement is a great match.

Suitable for all budgets, Better Bed Company has an excellent range of small single beds in various colours, fabrics and storage options

Check out our Bedmaster Tennyson 4000 Divan Bed for your next small single bed and mattress!

Single Bed and Mattress

We would have all slept in a single bed at some point in our lives; from childhood to adulthood, from home to hotels, we’ll have all appreciated the comfort of an excellent single bed!

At Better Bed Company, you’ll find that our wide range of single beds can cater to all types of sleepers, as we have the knowledge to help you match the right bed with the right mattress for you!

Our 3ft by 6ft3 beds and mattresses can look at home in a variety of rooms and with a whole host of colours and materials to choose from.

Take a look at our Airsprung Bed Falmouth Guest Bed for your next single bed and mattress!

Small Double Bed

Want to save space? Why not substitute the UK standard double bed for a small double bed?

Whether you have a box room or spare room, a small double bed would open up a lot of space for other furniture to be placed in the room.

A small double bed, also known as a three-quarter, is 4ft wide by 6ft3 long. It is wider than a single but smaller in width than a double.

Check out our GFW End Lift Fabric Ottoman Bed for your next small double bed!

Double Bed

As the most common size in the UK, double beds are a must for the bedroom!

Our double beds come in various designs, from wooden to fabric upholstery, with storage options available on our ottoman beds or with singular drawers in our fabric range.

A double bed is 135cm by 190cm, with the heights varying depending on the design.

Take a look at our Julian Bowen Salerno Shaker Bed for your next double bed!

King Size Bed

Do you and your partner fight for room in the bed? Do your feet dangle off the edge of your small single bed? Well, these problems will be solved with one of our King Size beds!

At 150 cm x 200cm, you get plenty of space to stretch out and be comfortable while you sleep. A King Size bed is a better option for someone on the taller side.

If you are looking for the perfect king-size bed, check out our Artisan Grey Fabric Draw Bed

Super King Size

Extra space for extra comfort! Super King Size beds give you and your partner more room to sleep comfortably.

Measuring 180cm x 200cm, this large bed size is perfect for furnishing larger rooms and providing extra comfort.

Whether you want a King Size bed in your master bedroom or spare room, we have various designs and colours to complement any room style.

For a super duper king-size bed, see our Better Peterborough Light Grey Ottoman Bed.

European Single Mattress

European Single Mattresses add some length to your sleeping surface with a 90cm x 200cm.

The area is 10cm longer than a normal UK Single Mattress, and the style is suited for taller people or just gives average-sized sleepers more comfort.

Do you want European flair for your bedroom? Check out our Visco Therapy Ortho 1500 Mattress.

European Double Mattress

A European double bed size is 140cm x 200cm and are one of the most popular beds found in Europe.

European double mattresses allow for extra space in the bed compared to a UK Double Mattress.

European King Mattress

Conquer your bedroom with our European King Size mattresses!

Our European King Mattresses help provide the best sleeping conditions possible for you.

So to take your sleep to the next level of luxury and comfort, there really is no looking past European king mattresses from Better Beds!

What are the differences between UK and US Bed Sizes?

One of the main differences between UK and US bed sizes is that UK beds are usually smaller than US beds.

The most common UK bed size is a double, which is equivalent to a US queen-size bed.

The most popular US bed size in the US is a king-size bed, which is larger than a UK double bed.

See a full comparison of UK vs US bed sizes below:

UK SizeUK DimensionsUS SizeUS Dimensions
Single3ft x 6ft3Twin3ft3 x 6ft3
Double4ft6 x 6ft3Full4ft6 x 6ft3
King5ft x 6ft6Queen5ft x 6ft8
Super King6ft x 6ft6Super King6ft x 7ft

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