Tips For A Modern Teenagers Bedroom


Teenager bedrooms can be modern think about colours and materials first. With the summer over it’s time to think about warm colours and furniture that could help with homework. If your going to invest in a new ottoman bed your going to gain storage making space in other parts of the home. Add a new white desk with draws this could bring organisation to your kids bedroom and encourage learning. Think grey colours this will keep them contemporary and in style all year round. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best modern Teenager furniture buys to provide you with some inspo ! Why not INVEST with Better Bed Company. 

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Grey Storage Beds 

Take a look at some of our grey storage beds this Autumn. These bedsteads are going to keep your Teenagers fashionable and add a place for all there clothes and bedding providing easy access in the bedroom. Team with doors and drawer wardrobes and some shelved bedside tables. 

GFW Como Ottoman Bed-Better Bed Company

White Wardrobes For Teenagers 

White Wardrobes are contemporary. If your Teenagers struggling for space then think draws and shelving match up with a sideboard and a wooden bed frame keeping them cool and fresh. If the weathers taken a turn for the worse grab a high tog duvet and a Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow keep them warm during the winter months. 

Steens Loke Bedroom Furniture Range-Better Bed Company

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Teenagers Pocket Sprung Mattresses 

Pocket spring mattresses should be your main focus to provide support and comfort for your Teenagers sleeping surface. Invest in a thick topper and a protector this keeps things cozy and clean, well they are Teenagers. The top filling could be memory foam or naturally filled with latex and cotton among your suiters. 

Bedmaster Serene Mattress-Better Bed Company