Swanglen Small Double Headboards The Size Is Cheap


Swanglen Small Double Headboards

When in the market for a new headboard your buy should be dealt with by a reputable company who know what there doing in all types of situations. The small double headboard is quite popular and is usually the same price as the double in the range. Swanglen price them this way and Better Bed Company pass that saving on to our customers. Usually a non standard size can add more to a budget because of the nature of being different and having to be crafted differently to a standard size like a king or single. 

Swanglen Small Double Headboard-Better Bed Company

With Swanglen headboards your in luck too as all there headboards are available in a small double size this is adding value to there brand and helping consumers out with the issue of sourcing small double headboards. It’s quite rare to find a company like this in 2019 with so many just sweeping this size to the side because it’s not as popular as it’s counterparts. Swanglen have the factory and craftsmen so find this quite easy to pull off. 

Swanglen Small Double Headboard-Better Bed Company

The small double swanglen headboards come in different depth and heights so there’s options depending on what might fit in a certain situation. Sometimes consumers need a specific height if they have shelves above the bed in the room for instance there could be a lot of disruption to the wall if this needs moving because of the height of the headboard. Your in safe hands with Swanglen with there headboards they have wooden struts that can extend or decrease the height with ease. 

Swanglen also do a made to measure headboard service this ideal for consumers giving them options. They can choose there fabric and design with Swanglen being on hand for guidance along the way. This is another string to their bow of offering and being able to offer more than your average headboard company. We wanted to make our reader aware that. 

Swanglen Small Double Headboard-Better Bed Company  

Airsprung Group PLC own Swanglen Headboards this gives them power in the market of sourcing materials because of the size and turnover of the companies together. With Airsprung Beds  your getting a company who have been in business for over 100 years with over 500 employees. Swanglen Headboards are in safe hands being in the group and consumers are there priority and offering high standards of service. Being in trusted groups like NBF and the Sleep Council only strengthens there part in the headboard industry. 

The small double swanglen headboards fabric options are immense with a large selection compared by other headboard manufacturer in the UK. This is an advantage to dealing with them. If your looking for a certain shade that will add a certain style to your bedroom then you should take a look at there Fabric Page on their website. There’s a host of fabric textures as well including faux suede and even woven fabrics. 

The details of headboard should be something to consider before you buy. Swanglen have a host of designs to choose from ranging from simple to grand models in the collection. The 2019 style is straight lines this would give your bedroom the contemporary feeling that could be around for years to come. They also have a selection of elegant traditional headboards upholstered in a range of fabrics if this is the style your looking at for the bedroom chosen. 

The delivery is a something to think about before you choose your Brand to deal with. With Swanglen Small Double Headboards your getting a fast time scaled delivery system that’s be in operation for 30 years giving them the experience needed to handle certain situation. They cover the whole of the United Kingdom all the way up to the Hebrides. With a 10 – 14 days delivery schedule from time of order to room of choice. This is a great service to offer customers in 2019 using selected delivery companies they have confidence in. Getting the correct delivery company is a tricky ask in the furniture industry but Swanglen seem to have this problem sorted ! 

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