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Swanglen Headboards are a brand Better Bed Company have been dealing with for some time now. We have experience with them and know a company in the Headboards industry need specific qualities that tick all the boxes. Swanglen also manufacturer fabric beds with multiple designs, Ottoman Storage Beds that have won awards in the industry and Mattresses as well as a host of other bedding products. 

There company moto is simple 


They realise it’s important to get the right headboards for the home. Your Furniture is an important purchase, one you should spend time and effort in achieving your goals. You should come up with a check list before making any acquirement. This could be the colours that would make some sort of statement or blend in with the rest of decore. You would want to think about what style of fabric you could use in the bedroom as this could bring great value to your life style. 

Swanglen Headboard

Swanglen Headboards Collections

Swanglen have multiple designs for you to choose from including collections that have been thought out broke down for the customers ease.

Mix And Match 

Swanglen Mix And Match Headboards

With a mix and match collection that allows the customer to choose appropriate colours for each part of the headboard chosen. If you wanted lets say beige headboard with black boarder then they can build you a model that caters to your taste. If your looking for a button headboard with multiple colours this can be achieved with there mix and match range.


Swanglen Signature Collection Headboard

There signature headboards have been designed with great attention to detail. With floor standing headboards that come in a range of designs that could bring a grand feature to your bedroom. If you have enough space in your bedroom then this collection should be something you consider. 

Next Day Headboards 

Swanglen Next Day Headboard

We know that getting headboards fast can be a difficult task for anyone. Swanglen understand it’s become an issue for customers over the years to get fast delivery headboards. With the customers needs in the forefront of there minds they created the next day headboards collection giving the public a range of upholstered headboards fast. 

Strutted Headboards 

They look for quality at all times in there styles and there design is no different. To give the customer options in not just fabric headboards but the way they are adapted to the beds is another advantage to dealing with this brand. There strutted headboards come in a range of styles that fit perfectly to any ones beds. Headboards struts are the most common style in the UK and swanglen are at the forefront of the industry. 

Floorstanding Headboards  

Swanglen Floor Standing Headboard

When choosing a Swanglen headboard for the bedroom you have a range of choices available that would cater to your needs. If your bedroom would take  floor standing headboards this collection could be for you. With a range dedicated to headboards floorstanding in there forte swanglen would be a company you could add to your home furnishings. 

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