New 2019 Swanglen Fabric Bed Frames With Quality And Style Options



Better Bed Company are proud to announce the new 2019 Swanglen Bed Frames have just been added to the site. 

They have really come up with the goods with these stylish bed frames waiting for a place in your home this summer. We know the quality is there already it’s just down to your own personal preference. You should consider Swanglen Beds before making any summer purchase as you won’t regret a purchase like this. 

The new frames are taken from the designs of there headboards collection. If it’s not broken then don’t try and fix it is there philosophy. And Better Bed Company are right behind them promoting them to our customers was a simple decision. 

We wanted to discuss a few details about what you can expect from these new modern beds. 

Headboard Designs 

Swanglen furnishings first and foremost design and manufacturer headboards. They do this with great experience and precision being a market leader in the UK headboards industry. They have a range unrivalled by any other in Britain today. 

There upholstered bed frames have taken the designs of the headboards and manufactured these giving the end user what they’ve been crying out for ‘Fabric Beds’. With so many options to choose from features you won’t find from any other beds maker. 

Swanglen Base 

The design has been well thought out making the consumers life easy another reason we like Swanglen ! 

These bases have something new about them as well with the base having a padded solid surface for your mattress foundation. This edition is really important as you want support in this area as well as comfort. 

Making it easy with a drop in no fixing required base. The side rails, foot end and headboard unready has a support ready fixed to hold the base. Your day just got a whole lot easier with Swanglen thinking of the consumer like no other company. 

One Of The Newest Editions !

Swanglen Abbey Upholstered Bedstead

Swanglen Abbey Upholstered BedsteadSwanglen Abbey Upholstered Bedstead Feet Close Up

If your bedrooms in need of a stylish item of furniture then the Abbey should be considered. The headboard has been designed with a slight curves around the edges giving a contemporary look, while the base is simple yet effective. This bed frame is finished with a choice of either dark feet or a light coloured wooden material. With Swanglen you get there colour batch an array of the most stylish shades around in 2019. 

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