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We look at social media and the impact it’s having on beds, mattresses and Furniture in today’s society. It’s never been easier to find out what the latest styles for decor are. With friends and companies pages letting us know everything about products and experiences they are having. We make sure to advice and show new exciting products every day on our very own pages. 

Facebook Pages And News Feeds

Facebook-Better Bed Company

We want everything as it happens these days and one of the fastest ways to find out is facebook. News feeds from our friends is a great place to find out all types of information. It’s clear facebook is getting this right and expanding by buying  or merging with most of the other platforms including Watts app and Instagram. Its a great market to sell anything and everything thing with it’s very own market place. Companies pages can give you experiences from other buyers and tell you just about everything you need to know about the company you could be dealing with.

Our facebook page is changed on a regular basis to keep you up to date and interested in our brand. We like seeing other beds, mattresses and furniture companies doing well on facebook too.   

Instagram And Images

Instagram-Better Bed Company

Instagram is the fastest growing platform in the world. The kids love it as it get’s straight to the point. The images you can see are from all walks of life. Its a great place to see images you are interested in. The best part and fasting growing is the stories they let you post your piece and all your follows can see what you have been doing during that day. The best part is that it’s purely set up for mobile use so it’s easy and fast to use. You can like images from just about anyone on there celebrities to dogs and of course beds and furniture. The decore section is a must with all the latest bedroom furniture sets from around the world. 

This is our favourite platform. We love posting our images for life style and all types of bedroom furniture. This is probably were we get the best response. We engage with other decore companies too if we like there ranges. 

Pinterest Is A Place For Pins

If you want to pin your must have furniture and beds this is the place for you. It’s set up so you can see something then tag it for later so you will never forget about it. The boards from companies let them showcase there newest and most exciting products to the world. Our Pintrest page works very well for our company and lets us inform everyone about are latest products and information from the Better Bed Company. 

Twitter And It’s Tweets

Twitter-Better Bed Company

Twitter is a massive social media platform reaching out to people fast. With celebs tweeting about what they think about situations as they happen. If you see information you like or think other people will be interested you can retweet when you see fit. If you want information and the latest news then this is the place for you. They have just doubled there amount of characters used in there tweets from 140 to 280  and they say that videos are there next big thing !

Better Bed company like to keep you informed when we bring new beds and furniture to Twitter. We try and keep you up dated and tweet on a regular basis.  

Watts App with Friends

Female Friends-Better Bed Company

This platform is set up for friends really. Its a great place to communicate and have group chats with others. They have plans to make it the go to place for customers to get the fastest response from companies. They plan to give companies 24 hours to reply to customers or be charged. It makes perfect sense with the customers wanting to go to watts app to get a quick response. Better Bed Company will be making sure that we step our game up for this new phase in social media. 

If You Like It Follow

Better Bed Company have the latest news and images for every one interested. If you want to follow us on any of the platforms we promise to keep you up to date and come up with new exciting furniture pieces. 


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