What To Look For In A Small Single Mattress


Small Single Mattress

With all items of furniture size is some thing consumers should look at and whether your using the space in your homes to be of it’s abilities. What they could bring to your home and life style would usually depend on the functions they obtain. With a mattress this comes in the whole structure from the springs to material fillings used in side. We talk about what you should be looking out for in a Small Single Mattress.

Spring System inside a small single mattress

The spring system can come in a number of different styles starting with open coil springs. An open coil spring system is the most popular used in the UK in 2019. This is coils of springs attached together giving a structure that is used to support you while you sleep. 

The next would be pocket spring system. This style is hand nested springs in cased in pockets of cloth. These are individual so they work independently together to give you the best support on the market. 

These two styles would be some to look for in a small single mattress in 2019. 

Materials used for filling of a small single mattress  

With a range of high end filling on the market you could consider many. This all depends on what will be right for you or for the user. 

One of them is memory foam this is a man made product that’s of foam substance. This material will contour to your body keeping you in the correct position during the night. It’s heat sensitive so it’s going to react to your body temperature. 

Then you have natural materials like wool and cotton these will give good comfort levels depending on the amount used in side the small single mattress. 

With wool it’s temperature regulating so it gives you the heat and coolness when you need it most. During the winter months when your cold it’s going to heat up. When the summer comes around the material regulates in to a cooler substance. 

Cotton material for your fillings is also some thing you should consider. Cotton is allergy free with zero risks involved. You should also know that it’s a great material for moisture resistance and has a high ability to breath. 

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