What Single Mattress Options Do Better Beds Offer?


At Better Bed Company, we have the perfect single mattress for everyone!

From adult down to toddler size; memory foam to open coil, you’ll find the right single mattress for you at Better Beds.

In our latest blog, we talk you through our wide range of options to find the single mattress that can provide you with a great nights’ sleep, night after night!

Adult Single Mattresses –

Don’t get us wrong; we love a double mattress at Better Beds. However, from time to time, a single mattress does the job perfectly!

We have a wide-ranging selection of adult mattresses to choose from – Here’s just a selection of our adult single mattresses:

Back Pain? Try an Orthopaedic Mattress! –

It can be challenging for sleepers with back pain to find the right mattress to ease their pain and ensure a comfortable nights’ sleep.

A single orthotic mattress from Better Beds could be the solution to your problems. Find the right one for you here.

Master Bedroom Single Mattresses –

Not all master bedrooms need a double mattress! Save space with a master bedroom single mattress, giving you more room to play with when it comes to decorating your new master bedroom.

There’s plenty to choose from at Better Beds Company, find yours below:

Toddlers Single Mattresses –

We can’t leave the little ones out at Better Beds. Getting the kids to bed can often be a chore, but with a toddler’s single mattress from Better Beds, they’ll be beating you up the stairs to bed!

You can find our toddlers’ single mattresses here.


For all of our single mattresses, call a member of our customer service team on 0800 0467 616 or click here.

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