Small Single Memory Foam Mattresses Ultimate Guide


At Better Bed Company, we specialise in all manner of mattresses – we’ve got that many ranges that we simply couldn’t fit them into one blog!

With that being said, we do have to focus on one particular range in each blog and the subject today is small single mattresses.

We’ll run you through why a small-single memory foam mattresses should always be your go-to mattress for supreme comfort and a dreamy sleep!

Small Single Memory Foam Mattresses

Small single memory foam mattresses are the perfect solution for those bedrooms where you’re extremely tight for space or awkwardly shaped rooms. We’ve all had houses that have that one room where getting furniture in and out of is challenging to say the least!

It goes without saying that you still have the more traditional single mattress option available to you. However, at Better Beds, we’d always advise to consider the space, bed shape and type that are looking to buy a mattress for right through from across our entire Better Bed and supporting partners range.

Our team are on hand over the phone or via email to help you make the best decision for your bed, available space and budget!

We’ve picked out some of our favourites from our own Better Bed brand, Bedmaster and Aspire:

  • Better Memory Foam Essence Mattress – Comfortable and supportive, this small single mattress is key to getting a better night’s sleep. The memory foam and reflex foam combination is a match made in heaven. You get the contouring nature of the memory foam while the supportive features of the reflex foam.
  • Better Memory Ortho MattressIndustry-leading quality and comfortable, this handmade small single memory foam mattress is a must for anyone who suffers from back pains and aches. The orthopaedic spring system helps you where you need it most, supporting your body in the correct way for a healthy night’s sleep.
  • Bedmaster Noah Memory Foam MattressThe open coil spring system and memory foam small single mattress would be the perfect edition for a children’s bunk bed, given its low profile design. In addition, memory foam gives a contouring feel keeping your child’s body in the correct alignment for a night of healthy sleep.
  • Aspire Furniture Sports Active 1500 Pocket MattressWith 1500 pocket springs and 3cm of high-density memory foam, this small single mattress is ideal for sports enthusiasts. The pocket sprung system will give your body the support it needs after a workout, whilst the memory foam will contour to your body, relieving any pressure points. It’s a healthy option with both memory foam and pocket springs working together, allowing your body to rest while you sleep. This aids recovery well and muscle growth.



To view our complete small single mattress collection, click here. Once you’ve found the right small single mattress for you, call us today on 0800 0467 616 or email and a member of our friendly team, will get back to you as soon as they can!